Realme Q2 Pro detailed review: Take a beautiful photo with a luxurious, thin and light design

Realme Q2 Pro detailed review: Take a beautiful photo with a luxurious, thin and light design

The Realme Q2 Pro is a rare low-cost smartphone equipped with 65W fast charging. So in addition to fast charging, this Realme smartphone also has something special, let’s review Realme Q2 Pro in detail now!

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Realme Q2 Pro possesses a luxurious design and thin and light

Let’s first take a look at the product’s side packaging, which is still the familiar closure with vibrant yellow tones. The Realme Q2 Pro carrying case overall is nothing different from other products except the model name and brand.

Realme Q20 Pro 1
Realme Q20 Pro’s familiar carrying case design. (Source: Awaqa)

Everything is packed inside is almost standard with a transparent silicone case for protection and user manual. The bottom of the case is a 65W charger, a USB-C charging cable and the SIM tray holder.

Realme Q20 Pro 2
Some items are donated by OPPO with a box. (Source: Awaqa)

The items that come with you are extremely good, 65W charging for an extremely impressive charging experience, the silicon case is also quite beautiful, doesn’t feel cheap at all.

Realme Q20 Pro 3
65W fast charging of Realme Q20 Pro. (Source: Awaqa)

If you are looking for a compact smartphone that is still large enough for entertainment and gaming, the Realme Q2 Pro is the perfect choice. Our device weighs only 175 grams with a body thickness of just 8.1 mm. This is an impressive parameter that you only often see on flagship phones.

In addition to the size, screen quality is also something that many users care about when buying smartphones. Realme Q2 Pro is equipped with a 6.4-inch Super AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution, providing realistic colors and high contrast.

Realme Q20 Pro 4
The Realme Q20 Pro screen is extremely sharp. (Source: Awaqa)

The Realme Q2 Pro uses a hole-punch screen design with a 20: 9 aspect ratio and 411 PPI pixel density. Realme Q2 Pro screen occupies 90.8% of the front area, this is an extremely impressive number.

At the same time, Realme Q2 Pro also supports super high sampling rate of 180 Hz with screen brightness up to 600 nits for good display in the sun.

Realme Q20 Pro 5
Realme Q20 Pro owns a quite thin screen bezel. (Source: Awaqa)

In the Realme Q2 Pro display settings, you can find many useful features. For example, the Alway-on Display feature, dark mode, color gamut adjustment, … Realme Q2 Pro’s biggest weakness is the refresh rate that is only at the standard 60 Hz.

The Realme Q2 Pro has quite thin bezels, but you can see a rather large chin at the bottom. Also, there is a circular cutout in the left corner for the selfie camera at the top.

Realme Q20 Pro 6
Realme Q20 Pro owns an impressive and eye-catching back. (Source: Awaqa)

The back of Realme Q2 Pro is designed with eye-catching and impressive colors. You will see a 4-camera module with the brand logo and a huge ‘Dare to Leap’ slogan on the right.

On the right side of the device is the power button, the volume rocker is located on the opposite side. The main speaker, USB-C port, voice microphone and dual SIM slot are installed at the bottom.

Realme Q20 Pro 7
The bottom edge of the Realme Q20 is a combination of SIM slots, USB-C, and speakers. (Source: Awaqa)

Although the Realme Q2 Pro does not own dual speakers, the Realme Q2 Pro gives quite high sound quality and has good bass, about enough volume for daily use.

Overall, the Realme Q2 Pro has good finishing quality. The buttons are responsive and have a pleasant touch. The body is made of plastic, but still brings the luxury and premium to the device. The in-display fingerprint sensor works well, but the response speed is not fast.

Dimensity 800U on Realme Q2 Pro offers enhanced performance

Realme Q2 Pro is equipped with MediaTek Dimensity 800U processor, using advanced 7 nm processing technology.

Many users will have a question after seeing the Realme Q2 Pro processor, can it meet the requirements of everyday game performance? With this worry, you can rest assured.

Realme Q20 Pro 8
The Realme Q20 Pro has an impressive AnTuTu score. (Source: Awaqa)

As for gaming capabilities, the Realme Q2 Pro doesn’t have any difficulty at all. The device can play well with heavy and demanding games such as PUBG Mobile, Asphalt 9, Call Of Duty and other games.

At medium and even high graphics quality settings, all games ran well with no lag. At the same time, Realme Q2 Pro did not overheat during more than 1 hour of gaming.

Realme Q20 Pro 9
Realme Q20 Pro can do well with most popular games today. (Source: Awaqa)

Realme Q2 Pro uses Android 10 operating system with Realme user interface. This is one of the interfaces that contains a lot of useful functions and features

Realme Q2 Pro owns a real camera

As a sub-brand of OPPO, a smartphone camera expert, Realme Q2 Pro is equipped with a 48MP main camera, 8MP wide-angle camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP portrait camera.

Realme Q20 Pro 10
Realme Q20 Pro camera module. (Source: Awaq)

The main camera of Realme Q2 Pro Sony IMX586 sensor with f / 1.8 aperture brings greater light when taking pictures, thus delivering higher quality image effects, well preserved details, colors reproduced medium.

Realme Q20 Pro 11
Pictures taken from the main camera Realme Q20 Pro. (Source: Awaq)

The super wide-angle camera produces good quality shots, but it’s hard to call them perfect. Also, using this mode at night will be problematic, as the quality drops significantly.

Realme Q20 Pro 12
Super wide angle camera works well in full light environment. (Source: Awaq)

Macro cameras and portrait photography are for sales purposes only. The image quality was pretty poor and hard to use. On the front of the Realme Q2 Pro is a 16 MP selfie camera with f / 2.5 aperture. The pictures taken are extremely rich and detailed.

The main camera records video at 4K and 30fps and features EIS. Meanwhile the selfie camera can record videos at up to 1080p resolution and no image stabilization.

Battery is not an issue with the Realme Q2 Pro

Today, smartphones power beyond chips, cameras, design, … and batteries. So in addition to owning a good camera cluster, Realme Q2 Pro is also upgraded with a large capacity 4,300 mAh battery that satisfies heavy usage needs in the long run.

Realme Q20 Pro 13
Realme Q20 Pro battery charge time log. (Source: Awaq)

Thanks to the low consumption of the 7nm processor and the energy-efficient AMOLED display, it won’t be difficult for you to use it continuously for 2 days. With the experience of playing games, surfing the web, watching online videos, … the device can give a full day of experience.

The Realme Q2 Pro’s most expensive feature comes from a fast charger with 65W of power. It only takes about 55 minutes to fully charge your device. Such an impressive number is not it.


Realme Q2 Pro has brought an unexpected experience, not only inheriting the advantages of the previous generation Realme Q but also taking care of both configuration and design. With a selling price of nearly 6 million VND, Realme Q2 Pro is really a formidable competitor in the segment.

How do you feel about Realme Q2 Pro? Leave a comment below to let me know!

Source: Awaq

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