Realme Book details exposure can work collaboratively with mobile phones

Recently, Wang Wei, vice president of realme and president of the global product line, recently released a Weibo, exposing some product details of the realme Book, which will support mobile phone collaborative office and Windows 11 operating system. At the same time, this notebook has a 3:2 screen, aluminum The alloy shell and Thunderbolt interface will be equipped with Intel’s 11th-generation Core processor.

Realme may release the brand’s first laptop in the near future, and the official poster has also been announced recently for warming up. Recently, Wang Wei, vice president of realme and president of global product line, posted a Weibo using this notebook and answered some questions.

It said that the realme Book will weigh more than 1kg and does not pursue extreme lightness, but the next notebook is considered to be less than 1kg, similar to the LG Gram, with better portability. The notebook will support collaborative office work with mobile phones, and it is expected that mobile phones will be able to project screens on computers and transfer files to and from each other.

Realme Wang Wei exposed the real shots of the notebook on Weibo. The foreground is the realme GT Master Edition box. He also said that this computer will support the Windows 11 operating system.

According to previous reports, realme officially released a warm-up video overseas, and also hinted that it will support the Windows 11 operating system. In terms of computer appearance, it will use a 3:2 ratio screen, an aluminum alloy casing, and a Thunderbolt interface. It is expected to be equipped with Intel’s eleventh-generation Core H35 or H45 series processors.

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