Realme 7 Pro detailed review: Battery lasts more than 20 hours, extremely fast charging 30 minutes, Snapdragon 720G weighs all games, entertainment phones is here
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Realme 7 Pro detailed review: Battery lasts more than 20 hours, extremely fast charging 30 minutes, Snapdragon 720G weighs all games, entertainment phones is here

If you are looking for a phone with buffalo battery, fast charging but good game fighting ability, my answer will be a newly launched Realme phone called Realme 7 Pro. Let’s review Realme 7 Pro in detail in this article.

Realme 7 Pro
Realme 7 Pro in beautiful colors.

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Realme 7 Pro has more than 20 hours of battery life, 30 minutes of ultra-fast charging

First, I was really impressed with the battery life of the Realme 7 Pro. I use in conditions with 70% screen brightness, open wifi and other common applications such as Chrome, YouTube, Facebook, Coalition, …, the battery life measured by Prefdog software gives up to the number over 20 hours of continuous use.

realme 7 pro battery life
The battery life of the Realme 7 Pro measured from Prefdog.

Also, I still use the standard battery life rating with the following (consuming more battery) conditions:

  • Experience 4 rotating tasks including: Chien Lien Quan (max setting), watching YouTube, surfing Facebook and using the browser (Chrome).
  • Each task 1 hour.
  • Backlight 100%.
  • 100% headphone volume.
  • Do not activate battery saver mode or adaptive screen.
  • Turn on high performance mode.
  • Open 4G connection and social media notifications.
  • GPS, Bluetooth and NFC are not turned on.
realme 7 pro battery life
The standard battery life of the Realme 7 Pro.

And we have also seen the power of the 4,500 mAh battery found on the Realme 7 Pro also for a battery life of up to 12h32 ‘in standard conditions. In addition to owning a high-capacity battery, the ability to optimize the battery life used on the Realme 7 Pro software is also too good.

Going back to the 65W SuperDart fast charger also made me feel more surprised when only 15 minutes fully charged more than 50% and took half an hour to fully charge the battery.

realme 7 pro battery charger
Realme 7 Pro battery charging time.

If you wake up one beautiful day, you forgot to charge the phone battery, just plug in for a few minutes while preparing your belongings to be able to use the phone for the whole day.

The mid-range configuration of Realme 7 Pro can fully meet today’s entertainment needs

You may not know, Snapdragon 720G is the chip released after Snapdragon 730G and has a slightly stronger graphics performance. This chip is used on the Realme 7 Pro, which comes with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of internal memory. Let’s take a look at the power of Realme 7 Pro through a performance review from the famous Benchmark software.

First with Geekbench, Realme 7 Pro achieved 576 single-core points, this power is still a bit worse than Snapdragon 855 but surpassed Snapdragon 845. Similar multi-core score of Realme 7 Pro is also slightly better with Snapdragon 845.

geekbench realme 7 pro
Geekbench Realme 7 Pro Score.

In the graphics performance, we can see Realme 7 Pro achieved 2,520 points and only slightly inferior to the graphics power of the iPhone 8.

3dmark realme 7 pro
3DMark Realme 7 Pro score.

Thus, we have a mid-range gaming machine with the power to surpass the Snapdragon 845. I will continue to evaluate Realme 7 Pro’s gaming ability through famous online games, all data collected from Prefdog software you can see here.

Opening with Lien Quan Mobile at maximum configuration, Realme 7 Pro gives extremely smooth gameplay even when it comes to total combat, FPS only drops to 59 FPS.

realme 7 pro
Average FPS: 60.4 – Var FPS: 13.21.

In PUBG Mobile, I have decreased one notch to the graphics in exchange for 40 FPS. While the graphics quality looks a bit low, it’s still nice and clear in the 1.0 update. The best part is that when I play, I still feel smooth, whether it’s jumping while shooting or driving while shooting.

realme 7 pro
Average FPS: 39.7 – Var FPS: 0.55.

With its increasing graphics power, CODM easily pulls down the FPS of mid-range phones. Similar to PUBGM, in exchange for smooth gameplay, I still accept to reduce the graphics a bit. The game plays smoothly at 60 FPS graphics and for intense gunfights with precise shooting.

realme 7 pro
Average FPS: 58.3 – Var FPS: 4.80.

You can review the game configuration settings in your data to above to be able to play the games smoothly as I played.

The 4-camera cluster on the Realme 7 Pro is the most prominent with the ability to capture wide angle

Recalling a bit of the Realme 7 Pro camera cluster parameters include:

  • The main camera uses SONY sensor, 64 MP resolution, aperture f / 1.8.
  • The camera captures 119 degrees super wide angle with 8 MP resolution.
  • Monochrome camera for portrait photography, 2 MP resolution.
  • Macro camera 4 cm focal length, 2 MP resolution.

Photo taken from the camera of Realme 7 Pro in bright enough conditions for sharp image quality, but the colors are somewhat not very vivid. Under the same conditions, the wide-angle camera that captures a wider scene also produces more vivid and eye-catching colors.

Left: Normal photo. Right: Wide angle shot – Bright enough conditions.

Left: Normal photo. Right: Wide angle shot – Bright enough conditions.

You can see more photos taken with the wide-angle camera on Realme 7 Pro.

photo taken from realme 7 pro
Realme 7 Pro’s lens clones capture the image of a dragonfly passing by.
photo taken from realme 7 pro
Peaceful country scene in green.

In backlit conditions, the HDR mode on the Realme 7 Pro works very well, balancing light and dark and reproducing realistic scene colors. Accompanying that is the shutter speed of the machine is also very fast. And again, the wide-angle shot gave me a better picture color quality than I used to be.

Left: Normal photo. Right: Wide angle shot – Backlit conditions.

Switching to macro mode, in addition to the ability to capture sharp images, I also quite appreciate the color reproduction capabilities of Realme 7 Pro, making images look more vivid.

photo taken from realme 7 pro
Close-up photos – Bright enough conditions.

With the front camera to take a selfie, we can see sharp image quality, true colors.

photo taken from realme 7 pro
Selfie photo – Bright enough conditions.

Realme 7 Pro uses a beautiful Super AMOLED screen, stylish design

Perhaps not only many people but even myself when using the Super AMOLED screen will feel very excited because the images give vivid colors. Realme 7 Pro also uses this screen technology with a size of up to 6.4 inches, Full HD + resolution for sharp display quality. The screen of the Realme 7 Pro gives high brightness, very good outdoor visibility. As I said in the battery usage section, because the screen brightness is too high, I have to reduce it to 70% when using indoors to avoid eye strain.

realme 7 pro
Realme 7 Pro display with quality Super AMOLED panel.

The stylish designs that I want to mention on the Realme 7 Pro include the modern punch-style camera as you have seen. Although the entire body is made of plastic material, but still feels a solid grip. The back of Realme 7 Pro will have two versions of silver and blue.

realme 7 pro
Two color versions of the Realme 7 Pro.

We can recognize the camera cluster is neatly placed in a rectangle behind the back, with a vertical cutout from the camera down as a highlight.


Realme 7 Pro’s answer is almost too clear. This is a buffalo battery phone, extremely fast charging, more than enough configuration to fight games with a beautiful wide-angle camera, a vibrant Super AMOLED screen.

So what more could you expect from a phone like the Realme 7 Pro? Don’t forget to leave your comments below.

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Realme 7 Pro

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