Really fragrant from 3299! Honor MagicBook 14 & 15 officially released

In the afternoon of November 26, Honor brought a comprehensive upgrade of the Honor MagicBook 14 and Honor MagicBook 15 thin and light notebooks. Honor MagicBook 14 & 15 inherits the Honor’s full-screen DNA, has a thin, light and stylish design, strong hardware performance, and multi-screen synergy functions upgraded by Honor Magic-link, bringing users thinner, smarter, and more Textured product experience.

The glorious brand that has been committed to bringing cutting-edge technology and fashion trends to young consumer groups, and once again ushers in the annual highlight moment on November 26. This afternoon, Honor officially released its dual-mode 5G mobile phone, the Honor V30 series and a series of smart new products in Beijing. In the notebook product line, Honor has brought a comprehensive upgrade of the Honor MagicBook 14 and Honor MagicBook 15 thin and light notebooks.

2019 can be described as the year when the Honor notebook has fully exploded. The Honor MagicBook 2019, the Honor MagicBook Pro series, and its corresponding version of the Honor MagicBook technology early adopter series have been launched. With a rich product line, ultra-high quality-price ratio, and technological innovations that break through the industry’s imagination, Honor Notebook has completed the perfect transition from a “new market player” to an industry “backbone” in just two years.

As another masterpiece of Honor Notebook in 2019, the two newly released Honor MagicBooks are based on the Honor’s full-screen DNA, bringing users a lighter, smarter, and more productive product experience. Among them, Honor MagicBook 14, in addition to having a thin and stylish design, it is equipped with a second-generation AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor, Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics graphics card, DDR4 dual-channel memory and PCle NVMe SSD high-speed solid-state hard disk. 56Wh large capacity battery with up to 9.5 hours battery life. In addition, the multi-screen collaboration function upgraded by Honor Magic-link is also the icing on the cake of Honor MagicBook 14, which opens the barriers between mobile phones and computers from the bottom of the system, bringing efficient and coordinated cross-device transmission solutions.

· The full screen strength is thin and light, and the blue edge of cutting leads the new trend of aesthetic design

The Honor MagicBook 14 follows the integrated metal fuselage design of the previous generation, but innovatively incorporates a “small blue edge” design on the four sides of the A side. It has a high-quality, simple appearance while retaining its youthful personality. Glacier Silver and Starry Grey are two high-end fashion colors that meet the aesthetic preferences of different users. It is worth mentioning that the Honor MagicBook 14 has a thinner and lighter body, about 1.38kg and 15.9mm thin, which can easily meet various mobile office needs.

Thanks to Honor’s excellent hardware architecture design, Honor MagicBook 14 breaks the borders of the traditional notebook screen, puts a 14-inch screen into a 13-inch body, and adds a 4.8mm micro-bezel design on the three sides of the left, right, and more compact layout , Bring users a “smaller volume and larger field of view” experience.

In addition, the new product also has a 1920 * 1080P full HD matte anti-glare screen with a viewing angle of up to 178 ° and an excellent screen display effect. Coupled with the intimate eye protection mode, certified by Rheinland Low Blue Light, it can effectively filter harmful blue light, reduce eye damage caused by using a computer for a long time, and protect eyesight.

Honor MagicBook 14 has a wealth of interface designs, including a USB 3.0 (Type A) interface, a USB 2.0 (Type A) interface, a USB-C (supports charging, data transmission) interface, and an HDMI standard interface And a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, can cover a variety of use scenarios, fully meet the daily needs of users.

· Extremely stable and efficient experience, powerful performance to easily meet diverse needs

The Honor MagicBook 14 is equipped with the second-generation AMD Ryzen 7 3700U processor, which has a better performance score. Equipped with the Radeon RX Vega 10 Graphics graphics card, it brings excellent image and video editing processing capabilities, allowing users to easily handle daily large and complex office tasks, and enjoy the thrill of games without any hindrance.

At the same time, the Honor MagicBook 14 is equipped with DDR4 dual-channel memory, which improves the transmission efficiency compared to single-channel. Coupled with the standard PCIe NVMe SSD high-speed solid-state hard drive, the reading and writing speed is significantly improved, which further accelerates the loading of software and improves the overall operation fluency.

The full release of hardware performance is inseparable from the escort of heat dissipation technology. The Honor MagicBook 14 is equipped with the Honor Shark Fin 2.0 version. It uses a thinner high-density fan blade, S-shaped blade design, the design of the flow direction of the wind in and out, and the system’s systematic heat dissipation design, which makes the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine significantly optimized. Compared with the previous generation, the heat dissipation capacity is increased by 38%, and the effective air volume is increased by 38%, achieving a quieter cooling performance with lower noise.

In terms of battery life, the Honor MagicBook 14 is equipped with a 56Wh large-capacity battery, combined with a unique intelligent power-saving technology, which can achieve 9.5 hours of local video playback, bringing an outstanding playing experience for white-collar workers in the workplace and college students. It is worth mentioning that the new product also supports 65W super fast charging, which can be charged about 46% in half an hour, which greatly increases the charging rate and further meets the battery life requirements in emergency scenarios. In addition, the detachable dual-head USB-C charging cable can be used not only as a data cable, but also for a variety of Huawei / Glory mobile phones.

New upgraded smart interconnection, multi-screen collaboration makes dual-screen interaction so easy

The multi-screen collaboration function upgraded by Honor Magic-link is also a highlight of Honor MagicBook14, creating a new way for PC and mobile phones to connect. After the mobile phone is connected to the notebook, the mobile phone interface will be automatically synchronized to the PC screen to achieve the same screen at both ends. In real-time operation, the delay is only milliseconds, and the experience is amazing.

For users who are accustomed to using multi-device office entertainment, the multi-screen collaboration function realizes the complementary advantages between PC and mobile phone. Users can not only play mobile applications on the PC, edit mobile phone document content, but even between mobile phones and PCs. Drag and drop files to make work and life smarter, more convenient, and more efficient.

The Honor MagicBook 14 is also equipped with a fingerprint-recognized power button, giving users a one-button boot to the desktop experience. The configuration and functions of the push-button hidden camera, 2 * 2 MIMO dual antenna Wi-Fi, etc. are also available, which comprehensively improves the user experience. Zh

·More products are fully satisfied, technology engine accelerates glory brand innovation

The Honor MagicBook 15 released this time meets the needs of more users. The whole machine is about 1.53kg light, has a 15.6-inch large screen, and the screen ratio is as high as 87%, bringing the ultimate visual perception; equipped with the second-generation AMD Ruilong5 3500U processor, Radeon Vega 8 Graphics graphics card, DDR4 dual-channel memory and PCle NVMe SSD high-speed solid-state hard disk, and at the same time have multi-screen collaboration capabilities, creating a new large-screen high-performance thin and light notebook.

In terms of price, Honor MagicBook 14 offers two configurations, of which R7 / 8GB / 512GB pre-installed Windows system is priced at 4199 yuan, R5 / 8GB / 512GB is priced at 3899 yuan; Honor MagicBook 15 is pre-installed Windows system, configured as R5 / 8GB The / 512GB version is priced at 3899 yuan.

Honor MagicBook 14 will start at 00:00 on December 5th, and Honor MagicBook 15 will be officially launched at Honor Handpicked, Huawei Mall, Jingdong Mall and Tmall Mall from 00:00 on December 1st, and can also be enjoyed on the first sale day Save 200 yuan and give away backpack and mouse activities.

In addition, the Honor MagicBook14 & 15 technology early adopter equipped with a third-party Linux system was also announced at the site, which is 300 yuan lower than the price of the Windows version. Among them, the MagicBook15 is configured as R5 / 8GB / 256GB. You can get started and the price / performance ratio is bursting. In summary, the pricing of the Honor MagicBook 14 & 15 is still very sincere. It is quite powerful in one of the thin and light products at present, and people can’t help but say: really fragrant!

As a youth-oriented technology brand, Glory’s technological innovation capability and product iteration speed are still steadily growing in the changing market blast. Just this year, Honor has proposed two major brand strategies: “tide fashion” and “Rui technology”, dedicated to creating more distinctive products and experiences for young consumer groups who value quality and pursue individualization. The newly released Honor MagicBook series adheres to the same concept, with a unique aesthetic design and smarter technological innovation, it has been comprehensively upgraded in aspects such as appearance, performance, and experience, which not only solves the user’s multiple scenarios in work, entertainment, and life. The use of pain points and problems under the notebook, more satisfying young people’s courage to try new technologies and new products.


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