Real machine review of mouse computer “DAIV 4P”! A laptop for creators who is happy to be super lightweight!

Main image of mouse computer DAIV 4P

Mouse computer DAIV 4P specs

Actual machine review of “mouse computer DAIV 4P”is.

DAIV 4P is a 14-inch, ultra-lightweight notebook PC for creators weighing approximately 985g.

It has a wide color gamut and is equipped with a Core i7-1165G7, which allows for creative work.

It’s very light, so it’s a notebook for creators that you can easily carry

First, I reviewed and found out“Recommended points / features”When“Notes, etc.”I will give you.

You can check the points and precautions just by looking here.

>> Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

▶ Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

The review machine is a rental item from the manufacturer.
* Even if it is a rental item, we will review it in good faith, including its disadvantages.

Heading: Recommended points / features


Where you have it lightly

Where we are measuring the weight

Body About 981g
AC adapter + power cable About 234g

It’s quite lightweight for a 14-inch laptop, so it’s easy to carry.


Color gamut

■ Cover rate

sRGB 99%
DCI-P3 77%
Adobe RGB 77%

* Since it is a value measured by us, it may differ depending on the environment and measuring equipment.

When measured on this site, the sRGB coverage was almost 100%.
* There is a description on the manufacturer page that “sRGB ratio is 100%”.

As a liquid crystal display, it covers a wide color gamut, so it is suitable for creative work.


Since it is equipped with Thunderbolt 4, it is also a nice point to be able to use an external GPU.

Mouse computer DAIV 4P Thunderbolt 4


It has a stylish appearance and a good design.



OS, memory and storage can be customized.


24/7 support

With support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it is also recommended for beginners.

Heading: Disadvantages, precautions, etc.

important point The fan noise is loud when a high load is applied.

I tried to see how noisy it would be when it was loaded.

Measured from a distance of 30 cm in height and 30 cm in depth from the hinge, taking into consideration the position of the ears during use.

When idle Almost silent
* When you bring your ears closer, you can finally hear a small noise.
Benchmark test Around 50.2db

* The number of db in the benchmark test is the loudness measured on this site. We do not guarantee that there will be no louder sounds.

It is quiet when idle or when there is no heavy load.

The fan noise (exhaust noise) when a high load is continuously applied is unexpectedly

If the fan noise becomes loud in a quiet place such as a study room, you may be a little worried.

In cafes, etc., there will be no problem as it will be drowned out by the surrounding sounds.

■ Estimated noise (number of decibels)

Pretty noisy 70db In a noisy office
Noisy 60db Ordinary conversation in a moving car
ordinary 50db Quiet office
quiet 40db Quiet residential area, library
Very quiet 30db Midnight suburbs
Almost inaudible 20db The sound of snow

* The table is just a guide.

>> Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

▶ Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

■ DAIV 4P specifications(Including items that can be selected by customization)

YOU Windows 10 Home / Pro
display Type 14 WUXA (resolution: 1920 x 1200), non-glare (non-glossy)
CPU Intel Core i7-1165G7
memory 16GB / 32GB / 64GB
storage SSD : 512GB / 1TB
(Can be changed to the fastest PCIe Gen4 x 4 by customization)
Graphics Intel Iris Xe Graphics
size 308.8 × 213 × 16.4mm(Excluding protrusions)
weight About 985g
Other Wi-Fi 6、Bluetooth 5

* Specifications as of June 23, 2020. It is subject to change in the future.

■ Specifications of this review machine
“Memory 16GB, 512GB SSD (model number: 21054P-TGL)”

table of contents

  • ▶ Keyboard
  • ▶ Speaker
  • ▶ Display

    • Since it is a non-glare liquid crystal, it is difficult to be reflected.
  • ▶ Battery life
  • ▶ Size
  • ▶ Interface

    • Charging from mobile battery
  • ▶ Creative app performance
  • ――Checking processing performance ――
  • ▶CPU performance
  • ▶ SSD data transfer speed
  • ▶ Graphics performance
  • ――Appearance and other checks ――
  • ▶ Appearance
  • ▶ Accessories etc.
  • ▶ Summary of review of mouse computer “DAIV 4P”

▶ Keyboard

▲ Tap or click to enlarge

Some of the keys on the upper right may be smaller, but the keyboard layout is well-balanced.

The ease of typing isn’t hard to type, it’s not messed up, it’s normal.

The keystroke (the distance the key sinks) is about 1.2 mm, which is rather shallow.

Because the keystrokes are shallow, the start of hitting is hard, and the typing feeling that the keys enter from there quickly, so
Suitable for typing with small finger movements.

For function keys (F key), Windows default functions such as full-width katakana conversion are prioritized.

F key

(To use the unique functions assigned to the F key, such as raising and lowering the volume, press the Fn key at the same time.)

▼ The key top (the surface of the key) is almost flat.

Key top up image

The loudness of the typing sound is a little small.

Keyboard up from diagonally above

Key pitch etc.

Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

▲ Comparison with desktop PC keyboard

▼ The key pitch (distance between keys) is about 19 mm, which is said to be easy to type.

Key pitch

▼ The palm rest is large enough.

Place your hand on the palm rest

Since the body is thin, the level difference with the desk is small and your hands do not get tired easily.

Equipped with keyboard backlight

The keyboard backlight can be turned on / off with the Fn + F7 keys. Brightness can be adjusted in 2 steps.

Keyboard backlight


A touch pad with an integrated click button.

The clicking sound when you press the touchpad is rather loud.


▼ In additionDouble-tapping the upper left corner of the touchpad is convenient because you can turn the touchpad on and off.

Touchpad off

▲ The indicator lights up when the touchpad is off.

▶ Speaker

Equipped with a speaker on the bottom.

Mouse computer DAIV 4P speaker

I felt that the sound quality of the speakers was “I want a little more sound omission.” I think the sound quality is high enough to enjoy music while working.

In addition, “THX SPATIAL AUDIO For PCs” is installed, and you can adjust the sound quality to some extent.


▶ Display

A liquid crystal display with a resolution of 1920 x 1200 dots.

The aspect ratio (aspect ratio) is 16:10, which is longer than the typical 16: 9 display.

Since it can be displayed vertically long, it is advantageous for displaying vertically long content such as the web and SNS.

The display is easy to see, as it looks a little dark even when viewed at an angle.

Display front

Viewing angle check Side view

▲ Viewed from the side

Viewing angle check Viewed from above

▲ Seen from above

▼ I tried to open the display to the point where it could be opened. It will open up to this point.

Viewed from the side where the display is opened to the point where it can be opened

Since it is a non-glare liquid crystal, it is difficult to be reflected.

The display of the mouse computer DAIV 4PSince it is a non-glare (non-glossy) liquid crystal, it is difficult to reflect.

How the light is reflected on the display

Light is reflected during work and it is hard to flicker, soEye-friendly and practicalis.

▶ Battery life

For DAIV 4P, you can set the performance from the start menu ⇒ Control Center.

This time, I set it to “balance mode (turbo mode is off)” and measured the battery life.

Balance mode

■ Actual measurement of battery drive time

JEITA Ver.2.0 measurement method About 12 hours
* Manufacturer’s published value
Used for online browsing and text typing
(Load: Light)
7 hours 24 minutes
(Load: Medium)
5 hours 58 minutes
* Time until the battery level drops below 20%
Amount of battery that could be charged in 30 minutes
* Use the included AC adapter
About 45%

* Display brightness: Measured at 80%. The darker the display, the longer the battery life.

Tap (click) here to see measurement conditions, etc.

■ Battery drive time measurement conditions for “used for browsing the Internet and typing text”

  • Display brightness:80%
  • Battery saving function: Turns on with 20% or less battery remaining
  • Web browsing: Open 5 tabs in your web browser and display the website in each tab. Each of those tabs is automatically reloaded every minute.
  • typing: Using software called BBench, typing input is automatically performed every 10 seconds.
  • In the above state, measure from 100% battery level.

■ About “PCMark 8 WORK”

The battery drive time measured by the software “PCMark 8” for office work tasks is posted.
Tests include document creation, spreadsheet creation, viewing 3D images on websites, video chat, and more.

It’s not a long battery, but the battery life of nearly 6 hours with PCMark 8 WORK is not bad.

▶ Size

Comparison of A4 paper and DAIV 4P size
▲ Size comparison with semi-B5 notebook (university notebook)

DAIV 4P thinness

University notebook 252×179mm
A4 size 297×210mm
DAIV 4P 308.8 x 213 x thickness 16.4 mm(Excluding protrusions)

The width x depth is close to A4 size, and it is easy to carry even a standard size business bag compatible with A4 size.

Where you put it in your business bag

Where to hold it aside

▶ Interface

■Right side

Right side

① Thunderbolt 4(Video output, USB Power Delivery compatible)

② USB 3.0 (Type-A)
③ HDMI terminal
④ Power terminal

■Left side

Left side

① Security slot
② USB 3.1 (Type-C)(Supports USB Power Delivery)

③ USB 3.0 (Type-A)
④ SD card reader(Including SDXC and SDHC. UHS-I compatible)

⑤ Headphone output / headset terminal

If you insert an SD card, it will stick out considerably, so it is not suitable for leaving it inserted.

Where the SD card is inserted

Charging from mobile battery

Charging with a mobile battery

Maximum output of mobile battery
Whether charging is possible
29W ×

* We do not guarantee that the battery can be charged using a mobile battery with the same output.

By the way, on the official website“A USB Power Delivery compatible device that can output 65W (20V / 3.25A) or more can charge the main unit.”There is a description that.

Take a look at “Mouse Computer DAIV 4P” on the official website


▶ Creative app performance

for real,I tried using some Adobe applications and checked how comfortable they were.

Adobe Premiere Pro

I tried editing 4K video by easily inserting keyframes and telops, but I was able to work comfortably without feeling the weight.

* Since the DAIV 4P display itself has full HD image quality, it cannot be previewed in 4K image quality.

Adobe Photoshop

Images with a large resolution could be filtered in an instant, and I was able to use them comfortably.

Adobe Illustrator

Even if you move objects with drop shadows on top of each other in Starize, you can use them comfortably without slowing down the movement.

However, with the DAIV 4P touchpad, it was difficult to move with “Space + Drag (palm tool)”.

――Checking processing performance ――

■ CPU of review machine

  • Intel Core i7-1165G7
  • 4 cores / 8 threads
  • 2.8GHz-4.7GHz

The performance is sufficient for video conferencing, work in Word and Excel.

Image editing is sufficient in terms of processing performance, but the Adobe RGB coverage rate is not up to 100%.

However, the measurement result shows that the Adobe RGB coverage rate is 77%, which is a wide color gamut for a liquid crystal display.

You can edit the video to some extent, but it will take longer to render than a notebook with an external GPU.

* In the benchmark test conducted below, the operation mode of Control Center was set to “balance mode” and measured.

▶CPU performance


  CINEBENCH R23 test results


5884 Single core



PassMark CPU Benchmark Test Results: 12910

Score 12910

Average score of the same CPU in PassMark 10590Since it has a higher score than, it can be said that the CPU performance is good.
* Average value as of July 8, 2021

▶ SSD data transfer speed

SSD data transfer rate

It’s not particularly fast for a PCIe 3.0 x 4 SSD, but I think it’s practically fast enough unless you have many opportunities to copy large amounts of data.

In addition, it is overwhelmingly faster than SSDs and HDDs with SATA connection.

By the way, DAIV 4P can be customized by increasing the SSD capacity up to 2TB.

SSD Information

SSD Information

It was an SSD made by Micron.

* Laptops of the same model number may be equipped with SSDs from different manufacturers.

▶ Graphics performance

The graphics of the mouse computer DAIV 4P“Intel Iris Xe Graphics”is.

3DMark score
Fire Strike 3781
Time Spy 1515
Dragon Quest X Benchmark
Highest quality(1920×1080) 9268 Very comfortable
FF14 Jet Black Villas Benchmark
Standard quality(1920×1080) 4329 comfortable

* Graphics settings are measured with settings for “notebook PCs” except for the highest quality.

Street Fighter V Benchmark
resolution Average frame rate / result
1440×900 59.94 FPS comfortable
1680×1050 51.67 FPS Insufficient specs
1920×1200 41.30 FPS Insufficient specs

The specs were insufficient for 1920 x 1200, but it was possible to play if the resolution was reduced to 1440 x 900.

So, light 3D games such as Dragon Quest X have graphics performance that you can play normally.

――Appearance and other checks ――

▶ Appearance

It’s simple, stylish, and looks good.

The appearance of the mouse computer DAIV 4P.Cool angle from diagonally above

Magnesium alloy is used for the body chassis, so the texture is also good.

It’s a bright color, so it’s also an advantage that fingerprints are not noticeable.

Appearance of DAIV 4P Diagonally above from the top plate side

Top plate logo up

The folded state from diagonally above

Bottom of the main body

Hinge image

Palm rest up

The power button does not support fingerprint recognition (it does support face recognition with the camera).

Power button

▼ Equipped with a 1-megapixel WEB camera. It supports Windows Hello (face recognition function).

WEB camera

▶ Accessories etc.

A set of accessories.

DAIV 4P accessories

  • AC adapter
  • power cable
  • Support manual
  • First Step Guide
  • Warranty
  • CLIP STUDIO PAINT DEBUT serial number

Etc. are included.

* Accessories are subject to change.

▶ Summary of review of mouse computer “DAIV 4P”

This is a summary of the reviews of “Mouse Computer DAIV 4P”.

DAIV 4PIt is a good laptop because it is very lightweight, has a good design, has a wide color gamut, and has high CPU performance.

It is anxious that the exhaust noise is loud when a large load is applied, but I think that there is no choice but to make full use of the CPU performance.

Recommended for those looking for a lightweight laptop for creative work on the go!

>> Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

▶ Take a look at the mouse computer DAIV 4P on the official website

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