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Real life iPhone 13 Pro Max reveal: “giant” camera cluster!

(Techz.vn) It is still quite a while for users to admire the new generation iPhone models. However, the actual leaked images of these models have been revealed in real life.

YouTuber technology Unbox Therapy has just shared the latest photos of iPhone 13 Pro Max (this is considered a model) sent from China. In terms of design and overall dimensions, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is not much different from its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro max. However, the camera sensors have been designed to be much larger.

Another easily identifiable feature of the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the smaller, neatly designed rabbit ears cluster. However, the camera sensor on the back is designed larger, promising to have better image quality from the front camera. And yet, the speaker system is designed to appear quite “weird”, probably on the prototype version is still incomplete.


Some other rumors about the iPhone 13 include, it will have a 120Hz screen from Samsung, providing a smoother swipe experience. In addition, the 2 rear camera system of the standard iPhone 13 will have a symmetrical diagonal glue design instead of a vertical row as currently.


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