Real Estate Giant 9

The comedy film Dai Gia Chan Dat 9 of director Binh Trong is also about to be released during the New Year 2019, promising to be as attractive and attractive as the previous 8 episodes, making viewers wait for entertainment, relaxation and a new year. filled with laughter.

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After 8 episodes each Tet season, director Binh Trong continues to release the Tet comedy series Real Estate Giant 9 to bring to the audience a moment of relaxation, full of laughter in the upcoming Tet days. Let’s wait together.

land price 9

New year comedy 2019: Dai Gia Chan Dat 9 latest episode 5

Episode 9 – Episode 1, New Year Comedy Movie 2019

Episode 2, Movie New Year Comedy 2019

Episode 9 – Episode 3, New Year Comedy Movie 2019

Episode 4, 2019 New Year Comedy Movie

9 – Episode 5, New Year Comedy Movie 2019

According to information, Dai Gia Chan Dat 9, in addition to the familiar faces throughout episode 1 to episode 8, such as comedian Quang Teo playing the role of Mr. Su, Trung Hieu playing the role of Mr. Tich, Binh Trong playing the role of Uncle Danh. the hotgirl’s presence, including the participation of Thanh Huong (Lan cave in Quynh Bup Be) plays the role of Meo, Nguyen Tra My, Thu Huyen, Thanh Tu …
For a relaxing moment from now on, you can watch the best Tet 2018 comedies, the village of the wife, a billionaire who is a giant, a rich man, all the skits in the 2018 New Year comedy are very special. to give you and your family a lot of refreshing laughter.


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