Read a Publisher (.pub) file without Publisher
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Read a Publisher (.pub) file without Publisher

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The PUB extension identifies files created by Microsoft Publisher, one of the software in the Office suite for diagramming and developing books and other printed or digital publications. In this tip, see how to open this type of file.

How to open a PUB file on your computer

The only way to open a file in PUB format is to using Microsoft Publisher. This program is part of the Microsoft Office suite and there is not even a PUB file viewer, as other extensions do, such as WordPad cases (for DOC files) or PDF readers. Thus, Microsoft’s support recommendation is for users who do not have Office installed to download at least the trial version of the software package in order to use Publisher and read PUB files.

How to Convert PUB Files

The other solution is to convert a received PUB file to a format that can be read on your computer. The simplest conversion is for the PDF format, which can be opened in Acrobat Reader or any of the other free viewers of the extension.

To perform this conversion, you can use one of several free converters available on the internet. For example, click here to access the Media4x specific page for PUB to PDF conversions. Upload the original file and wait for the conversion to complete to download the transformed PDF file and be able to open it on your PC.

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