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RCS gave birth to the third consecutive board Wu Tong Holdings received a letter of concern: whether the business is directly related

2020-04-09 15:39:06Beijing News Editor: Yue Caizhou
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RCS gave birth to the third consecutive board Wu Tong Holdings received a letter of concern: whether the business is directly related

2020-04-09 15:39:06Beijing News

In the RCS concept fire, after many companies received the inquiry letter, Wu Tong Holdings, which had three consecutive boards, also received a letter of concern. The letter of concern is as follows:

Recently, some media believe that your company’s business involves the concept of RCS (Rich Media Communication), and your company’s stock price has continuously reached the increase limit at noon on April 7, 2020, and April 9, 2020. RCS is a communication method that integrates voice, messaging and other communication services, and your company’s main business is communication interconnection devices, mobile communication terminal equipment, and Internet information services. Among them, your company’s subsidiary Beijing Guodu Internet Technology Co., Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as “Guodu Internet”) The main business is color messaging service. Our Ministry is concerned about this, please ask your company to check and explain the following issues:

1. Please combine your company’s RCS concept to analyze and explain the similarities and differences between the business of the company’s subsidiary Guodu Internet and the RCS business. As of now, whether the company’s business income is directly related to the RCS business, if so, please explain the specific time and actuality of the above related business development Application areas, main customer names, the amount of relevant business income from the beginning of 2019 to the present, and the proportion of relevant business income in 2019 in the company’s operating income. It is expected that the relevant business will have a practical impact on the company’s production, operation and financial performance in the future; if not, please make necessary clarifications And risk warning.

2. Whether your company has actually carried out research and development related to RCS applications, and whether the commercial conditions of RCS communication methods are mature. If so, please disclose the relevant arrangements and the current stage, explain the personnel, technology and orders in hand of your company for the above research and development, and give a risk reminder of the difficulties and risks of related technology research and development.

3. Ask your company to self-examine the situation of directors, supervisors, senior managers and their immediate family members who bought and sold your company’s stocks in the past six months, and clearly explain the future of the company’s directors, supervisors, senior managers and shareholders holding more than 5% of the shares. Whether there is a plan to reduce holdings every month. If yes, please specify the specific content.

The financial report shows that it lost 1.16 billion yuan in 2018, and its net profit attributable to its mother last year was 68.096 million yuan.

On the evening of April 8, RCS concept stocks Taizhou Yue (300002.SZ) and MMS shares (300634.SZ) were questioned by the exchange.

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