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Razer launches the ultimate ‘wireless army’

The world’s leading brand in the market for gamers, officially releasing new versions of the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro headset, the DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse and the BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard, creating an “army” of external devices. Leading wireless microphones, with ultimate gaming performance and ultimate freedom in every movement. Thanks to the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless technology that maintains a fast, stable connection, gamers can now immerse themselves in the world of their favorite gaming without the hassle of wires.

The Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless uses a data optimization protocol with Adaptive Frequency Technology to increase transfer speed and stability, delivering the lowest wireless latency – just 195μs, 25% faster than other technologies other wireless. Once used on a gaming mouse and tested and trusted by the Esport community around the world, the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless technology continues to be incorporated into the flagship esports headset and the most popular gaming keyboard of the Razer brand. .


The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro inherits the remarkable mic and audio innovations in the Razer BlackShark V2 – a recently launched gaming headset, with a new earpiece housing and a speaker chamber. additional. Equipped with Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless technology, the wireless headset delivers a razor-sharp audio experience that immerses gamers in gaming worlds with ultra-low latency, plus up to 24 hours of battery life and dynamic range. 12m wireless motion.

Razer launches pinnacle wireless army - Wireless Flagships - Photo 2.

The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is equipped with the Razer ™ TriForce Titanium 50mm – the driver debuted in the award-winning Razer BlackShark V2. Now with an additional speaker chamber, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro delivers a clearer, clearer audio experience with individually tuned high, mid and low frequency ranges. Sharp trebles, rich mids and powerful bass. THX® Spatial Audio Game Profiles technology delivers immersive 360-degree sound, giving players the edge to win. The Razer BlackShark V2 Pro deserves to be the ultimate wireless headset for gamers.

Equipped with the all-new 9.9mm Razer ™ HyperClear Mic, BlackShark V2 Pro delivers incredibly sharp audio quality, improving communication with teammates, even in a heated battle. . With improved speech separation, eliminating more background and side noise, increased sensitivity for response to lower frequencies, and optimized housing for increased clarity and precision. In voice recognition, your teammates will surely capture every word you say.

For gamers to fully immerse themselves in long gaming sessions without interruption, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro comes with a lightweight 320g yet durable earcup with a sealed earcup. The ear cushions use a luxurious imitation leather material, which optimizes the elimination of passive noise to block outside noise. In addition, the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro is also equipped with an ultra-soft memory foam ear cushions, significantly reducing the grip force of the headset; FlowKnit is used for the ear cushions and straps – a breathable fabric that significantly reduces perspiration and accumulates heat from the contact points. This amazing combination makes the Razer BlackShark V2 Pro the ultimate wireless gaming headset.


The BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard is the newest member of the popular BlackWidow family in the world, and is Razer’s first wireless gaming keyboard. Now equipped with Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless technology, the Razer BlackWidow V3 Pro brings the legacy from BlackWidow to the wireless gaming empire with up to 200 hours of battery life, improved Razer mechanical switch and keycap Doubleshot ABS, BlackWidow V3 Pro is the perfect choice for a neat gaming PC.

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The BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard features an innovative Razer Mechanical Switch, with a transparent switch cover that makes the Razer Chroma ™ RGB brighter. The Razer Yellow mechanical switch is now quieter, with in-key silicon faders for a quiet gaming experience. With upgraded Keycap Doubleshot ABS, which is extremely resistant to abrasion in continuous use, each has a lifespan of 80 million clicks, providing precise, responsive movements in the most intense battles.

BlackWidow V3 Pro keyboard comes with a sturdy, durable aluminum frame and is equipped with dedicated multimedia keys with a multifunction digital dial and luxurious wrist rest for gaming and typing comfort. machine for a long time. The BlackWidow V3 Pro can easily connect to multiple devices of the same three modes via a side switch: connect to the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless, connect via a detachable USB-C cable or pair via Bluetooth with 3 devices – this makes BlackWidow V3 Pro the most versatile of its predecessors.


First launched in 2006 with more than 10 million products sold worldwide, the DeathAdder is known as Razer’s most popular gaming mouse, and is trusted by the world’s top esports athletes. Retaining the unique ergonomics of the DeathAdder line, the legendary gaming mouse is finally coming with a much-anticipated upgrade from the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless.

The DeathAdder V2 Pro mouse offers 3 connection modes with up to 120 hours of battery life via Bluetooth, 70 hours via the Razer HyperSpeed ​​Wireless for ultra-low latency, or connecting via a Razer ™ Speedflex cable for continued gameplay game while charging. All of the above is integrated in a design with a mid-range weight of 88g without the need for honeycomb housing.

The DeathAdder V2 Pro features an upgraded 2nd generation Razer optical mouse switch that delivers more responsive and definitive mouse clicks, eliminating the risk of unwanted double-clicks. Extremely fast and accurate, these optical mouse actions last up to 70 million clicks, the highest of any gaming mouse on the market.

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Each DeathAdder V2 Pro comes with 8 customizable programmable buttons via the Razer Synapse 3, with memory that stores up to 5 onboard memory configurations for instant access anywhere. The DeathAdder V2 Pro is compatible with the Razer Mouse Dock Chroma (sold separately), the perfect upgrade for your RGB system. Combined with intelligent Razer Focus + 20K DPI optical sensor, with injection molded grip and 100% PTFE-made Mouse Feet, the DeathAdder V2 Pro is the perfect choice for professional gamers.


Razer also launched the Razer Naga Pro wireless gaming mouse product line in Vietnam. With three types of interchangeable side button panels, Naga Pro makes it easy for players to adapt to different types of games, like MOBA, Battle Royale, first-person shooter titles, and more. . The Razer Naga Pro is the latest series of gaming mice to feature Razer ™ HyperSpeed ​​wireless technology, enhanced by the success of Naga Trinity – the first gaming mouse with a three-in-one modular design. The Razer Naga Pro possesses top-of-the-line cutting-edge gaming technology while preserving the core values ​​of design that are loved by fans. Giving players a greater choice and flexible customization, Naga Pro is suitable for a wide range of games and gameplay.

Razer launches pinnacle wireless army - Wireless Flagships - Photo 5.

The Naga Pro module is enhanced with three magnetic side panels – a flexible 2, 6 and 12-button layout. Naga Pro launches with the latest 6-button side panel design with each side panel designed to be compatible with different game series: 12-button cluster for MMO / RTS games, 6-button cluster for Battle Royale / MOBA games , and a 2-button cluster for FPS titles. Besides, the side panel also offers gamers the flexibility to customize with up to 20 programmable buttons. With the Razer Hypershift feature in the Razer Synapse 3 software, each button can be assigned a second function for optimized control and customization. The Naga Pro Mouse is capable of storing up to five onboard memory configurations – even without software, making functions quick and easy to access.

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