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Razer introduces energy drink for gamers

E3 has officially taken place, and comes with a series of products that are somewhat bullshit. But before you judge Respawn, remember that it's "not a normal drink". Yes, in a world of countless energy drinks, only Respawn is "created by gamers, exclusively for gamers"!

According to Razer, the idea of ​​a brand-name energy drink comes from an April 2010 fish day joke: Project Venom. However, what we're talking about here is completely real – Respawn is a sub-brand of Razer.

This powdered drink has caffeine, green tea extract, and vitamin B, all of which will be mixed in a cool, cool metal shake bottle sold separately. According to Razer's press release, "Get ready for Respawn. Its effect can be felt immediately after drinking".

At least, Razer's energy drink has no sugar, unlike most other energy drinks on the market. Respawn actually does not contain any sugar grams – according to Razer. It seems to have been produced with the "special" formula for gamers and eSports athletes, helping them focus for long periods of time and increasing the endurance of nerves. That said, Razer insists that if you're not a gamer, but content creators or video editors, you can completely drink this water.

What if you're not the aforementioned group of people? Coffee!

Reference: TechCrunch

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