Razer cut the streamer female contract telling men to be trash on Twitter - Photo 1.

Razer cut his contract with the female streamer saying "men are filth" on Twitter

Recently, Razer in Brazil has announced on Twitter that they will not renew the beautiful streamed female contract Gabriela Cattuzzo.

This decision seems to be related to Cattuzzo's June 21 tweet. In it, she said "man is filth" in response to being harassed on the internet.

Razer Brazil confirmed that this problem is about gamers, not gender equality at all.

"As gamers, we have faced a lot of prejudices and will fight to the end to counter the unreasonable shooting rules," quote the statement of Razer Brazil.

"Celebrities do not necessarily represent or reflect their opinions. However, they are not allowed to show discrimination and extremism in all areas."

Cattuzzo's (deleted) tweet originated as follows: She posted a picture of riding a cow, someone commented on it. "You can ride me if you want."

This very subtle comment made Cattuzzo angry and responded:

"Always show men by being rude, harassing women, right? That's why men are trash."

After responding, Cattuzzo quickly explained right below that "Those who don't behave like that are the exception."

Razer cut the streamer female contract telling men to be trash on Twitter - Photo 2.

At that time, the tweet became viral and many netizens believed that Cattuzzo was "toxic."

"I behaved rude to the man who was rude and turned out to be a lot of people who were attacked, I apologized for this," Cattuzzo tweeted. "I am not sorry for protecting myself, I will always protect myself."

Although Cattuzzo has explained, Razer Brazil still decided to cut the contract on Monday.

According to her latest tweet, Cattuzzo is currently "taking a break from the internet" and streaming because her friends and family are threatened by anonymity.

According to Kotaku

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