Rats rats in the wilderness, but after only a few minutes the rattlesnake has to die in pain
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Rats rats in the wilderness, but after only a few minutes the rattlesnake has to die in pain

Just finished enjoying the lunch, the rattlesnakes must die painfully under the claws of the fire-tailed hawk due to being too subjective.

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Possessing extremely strong nerve venom, rattlesnakes are dangerous Japanese predators in the Americas. Just one bite of them is enough to make the large prey die in just a few minutes. If bitten by a rattlesnake, an adult could be in danger, even losing his life.

Rattlesnakes are the most dangerous predators in America

However, in the world of animals full of dangers, rattlesnakes still have to step back in front of the fire-tailed snake, their natural enemy.

The fire-tail hawk is a popular bird in North America weighing between 1.5-3.5kg, about 45-65cm high and a wingspan of 110-145cm. One of their favorite foods is snakes.

Unbeknownst to the rattlesnake, as soon as it kills the rat and savor its lunch, it falls into the fire-tailed hawk’s sights.

Falcon tail fire

From above, the red-tailed eagle uses its elite eyes to observe intently and wait for the snake to finish its meal before “raiding”. As soon as the time came, the fiery tail swooped down to face the prey. Although the rattlesnake has deadly venom, when it comes to the hard claws of the hawk, it cannot be effective.

With its agility and intelligence, the Firefisher quickly ended its hunt by wrapping the snake’s body in its claws and delivering strong pecks and head of prey. While the rattlesnake was still writhing in pain, the fire-tailed hawk coldly used its beak to cut its prey.

The wild world is extremely fierce, the person just hunting suddenly becomes the prey of the stronger.


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