Rare incident: Texas attorney appeared in the form of a kitten while meeting on Zoom

Rare incident: Texas attorney appeared in the form of a kitten while meeting on Zoom

A rare incident occurred in an online discussion via Zoom between judges and lawyers at the 394 District Court in Texas, USA on February 9 when the lawyer suddenly “turned cat”.

While the discussion was going on, attorney Rod Ponton’s Zoom screen suddenly showed a kitten image.

Judge Roy Ferguson later slowly explained to help Mr. Ponton deal with the case.

“Mr. Ponton, I believe you have turned on the filter function in the video settings”, Judge Ferguson said. “You can…”

The kitten showing at Mr. Ponton’s side looked very sad, panicked, rolled his eyes and said: “I’m trying… can you hear me, judge?”

In response, Mr. Ferguson said: “I can hear you. I think it’s due to the filter. ”

“That’s it,” Mr. Ponton in a cat-shaped response to his pain. “But I don’t know how to turn it off.”

Mr. Ponton continued that he was asking for help from his assistant, but if it doesn’t, then “I have to continue the discussion in this manner.”

“I am speaking directly here. I’m not a cat, ” attorney Ponton confirmed worriedly.

There was a long pause before Judge Ferguson replied: “I .. I know!”he said sympathetically.

Judge Ferguson later confirmed that it had indeed happened, and a few seconds later the filter was removed. He also advises everyone to check that filters are turned off before going online, especially if the computer has been used by someone else.

Attorney Ponton explained that he borrowed his secretary’s computer to attend the meeting, so it is possible that the installation of a cat-shaped filter may have been previously used by someone on this computer.

Video about this rare incident has spread dizzily on the Internet, causing many people to “laugh with tears.” Many comments said that they were surprised that the two judges in the video were able to act so calm in this situation.

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