Rare accident! Open road police car hits traffic police-united daily

A police car driving for the Crown Prince of Perak accidentally hit a traffic police motorcycle ahead!

A police car that opened the way for the Crown Prince of Perak while escorting the Crown Prince of Perak to the event at Dijong’s Tomb, somehow hit the traffic police motorcycle in front, causing injuries to the traffic police’s hands and feet. The injured was sent to Campbell Hospital for treatment .

The injured traffic police belonged to the Traffic Investigation and Law Enforcement Unit of the Campbell Police Station. However, the open police officers were not injured.

Crowds support the injured traffic police and shield the hot sun.

This incident occurred at 11 am on Tuesday at a traffic light in Lawangu. After the car accident, the traffic police riding a motorcycle fell on the road. While waiting for rescue, the people passing by supported the injured and covered the heat. sun.

It is understood that the rear part of the traffic police motorcycle was severely damaged, while the road police car was seriously damaged. After the incident, the Crown Prince of Perak continued to her destination under the escort of another open police officer.

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