Rape allegations Annick Charette sues Gilbert Rozon for $ 1.3 million

Rape allegations Annick Charette sues Gilbert Rozon for $ 1.3 million

Annick Charrette, whose criminal complaint was held against Gilbert Rozon, but who did not win his trial, has not said his last word.

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Indeed, Ms. Charette via her lawyer Me Bruce Johnston is claiming $ 1.3 million in civil proceedings as part of a lawsuit filed this morning at the Montreal courthouse.

She reiterates that Gilbert Rozon raped her in June 1980, when she was 20 years old.

“After having buried the memory of this event in her for nearly 40 years, the plaintiff filed a complaint with the police in the wake of the public denunciations which targeted the defendant. The plaintiff’s complaint is the only one to have been upheld by the Crown and to have been the subject of a criminal trial. In his testimony at the criminal trial, the defendant lied not only by denying the Plaintiff’s version, but also by fabricating a scenario that reversed the tables, a ludicrous scenario in which it was the Plaintiff who was the aggressor, and Rozon the victim ”, we can read in the lawsuit.

Qualified as “sassy”

Ms. Charette denounces having been qualified by Gilbert Rozon’s lawyer as “sassy”. She says she experienced this episode in court as a second rape and suffered significant damage.

At trial as well as in the lawsuit, she looks back on the alleged events of 1980. “When she wakes up early in the morning, the defendant is upon her, determined to have sex. She is no more willing than the day before, but fails to mobilize the energy and strength she had had a few hours earlier to push him away. She feels constrained, dominated and oppressed. Inhabited by a feeling of fate, she does not defend herself, telling herself that this is the quickest way it will end. Despite the stiffness and obvious non-participation of the plaintiff, the defendant penetrates her against her will as she gazes out the window. During the days which followed the testimony of the defendant, the plaintiff, soiled and degraded, found herself truly in a state of shock, seized with nausea, chills, confusion, depression and tremors. “

Recall that Judge Hébert rendered a verdict of acquittal last December “while recognizing that Gilbert Rozon’s version was less plausible than that of the plaintiff,” indicates the prosecution.

Listen to the legal column with Nada Boumeftah, criminal law and youth protection lawyer on QUB radio:

Shame and guilt

More than 40 years after the rape she suffered, Ms. Charrette still feels the anger, shame and guilt that inhabited her at the time of the events. Even though she knows this shame shouldn’t be hers, she feels guilty for putting herself in a vulnerable situation and not standing up for herself more.

Since the rape, she has been living with a scar inside of herself, and that scar will never go away completely.


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