Ranking laptop brand 2019: The worst Samsung, Apple downgraded, Asus exceeded Dell - VnReview

Ranking laptop brand 2019: The worst Samsung, Apple downgraded, Asus exceeded Dell – VnReview

The ranking of laptop brands in 2019 below is certainly controversial. Big names like Samsung and Apple are all terrible. While Huawei is scandalous, it even ranks on both companies.

Published by Laptop Mag, a US laptop review site, the ranking scored 12 top laptop brands. With a scale of 100 divided by each Assessment item (maximum 40 points), Design (maximum 15 points), Support and Warranty (maximum 20 points), Innovation (maximum 10 points), Value ( Up to 15 points), providing us with a complete and detailed view of each brand.

Which laptop brand is the best and worst this year?

Laptop Mag said that a laptop is a commodity used by many people, for work, entertainment or study. So they want to put the most famous brands in "hot seats" and rank in turn, find out what is the best and worst brand for 2019. Most firms are familiar with Vietnam market like Dell, Asus, HP, Apple. Some of the lesser-known names like Microsoft, Huawei, MSI, Acer also contributed.

Below is the ranking of 2019 best and worst laptop brands:

Laptop Mag noted that HP, Asus, Dell were the best, while Apple, MSI and Samsung were among the top

HP: 86/100

After two years of leading, Lenovo was dethroned and fell dramatically. The company rose to take the lead this year as HP with 86 average points, while former King Lenovo dropped to 5th place, scoring 76 points. The US company has been working hard on recent products and won 9 Editor's Choice titles, with products like the HP Specter x360 13 inch, Envy 13t, Chromebook x2. One of the products that Laptop Mag is highly creative with is Specter Folio, many advantages such as fashion design, high-class leather, good typing keyboard and long battery life, besides small and effective sound. average energy.

Asus: 83/100

Runner-up position belongs to Asus. Yes, you are not mistaken! Asus, not Dell or Apple. In fact, the Taiwanese company achieved 83 average points to climb this position. Laptop Mag praised the company for its product innovation, with cool features such as ScreenPad, extra screen desk, and ErgoLyft hinges. They constantly create impressive designs, a rich range of products to serve many customers, from students, gamers to office workers. Asus is the only company in the ranking of 10/10 Innovation items.

Dell: 81/100

Next up is Dell, whose name is much loved by Vietnamese and more important than Asus. The company achieved 81/100 points and continued to rank third. This is the third consecutive year they have won this position and Laptop Mag commented that the performance of Dell laptops is very stable. The Austin (USA)-based company has always been among the top Windows laptop vendors, thanks to its renowned flagship XPS. Dell laptops are rated with attractive designs and are among the thinnest today.

Apple: 69/100

In the bottom brand group of the chart, stand out two names Samsung and Apple. The devotees of Apples may be surprised by the decline in the recent years. Falling to No. 10 to reach 69 points, Apple actually fell into alarming situation when they even ranked below Huawei. The name came later in the laptop market but this year reached 70 points, just enough to exceed the US company. Apple is complaining a lot about the butterfly keyboard error, too few innovated products keep repeating boring. It seems that the MacBook has nothing left to be proud of with its competitors in the segment anymore! Innovation points, the company reached 4/10 and the value of 7/15, both are the lowest in the whole table.

Samsung: 64/100

And finally, the worst brand belongs to Samsung. The company continued to stay in the lower position, scoring lower than last year. According to Laptop Mag, the company does not have much innovation with the laptop business, the quality is not enough to reach the top and also few designs to choose from. It seems that Samsung only keeps laptops for beautiful products, not heavily invested here, so they do not keep up with the needs of customers and businesses. In the Design category, Samsung is the only name that does not reach the 10-point mark.

Laptop Mag score details for each brand

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