Ranger-exclusive “Three Kingdoms 14” frame unlock patch release released Enjoy silky!

Guangrong Tekumo Historical Simulation MasterpieceRomance of the Three Kingdoms 14(Romance Of Three Kingdom 14) is now officially on sale. The monarchy game that returns to the origin of the series, with the “painting mode” taking land as the core, will expand its sphere of influence to the whole of China!

Ranger Network

According to player feedback, the game locks the frame number to 30 frames, and cannot enjoy the smooth experience brought by the high performance of the PC. To this end, Ranger Networks is launching the world ’s first “Three Kingdoms 14” frame number unlock patch, breaking the frame number limit and enjoying smooth and silky!

Ranger Network

Instructions for use:

1. Use: Uncompress the files in the Romance_of_the_Three_Kingdoms_14.rar compressed file and copy it to the game directory to remove the frame limit.

2. Restore: Delete the files decompressed to the root directory of the game and restore them to the normal state of locked 30FPS frames.

Ranger Network

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