Ranger exclusive technology production “Three Kingdoms 14” memory modifier released!

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“Three Kingdoms 14” memory modifier download address

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1. Understand the use instructions of the modifier
2. Open the modifier after starting the game.
3. Click the Initialize Core button to start modification.

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Modifier instructions:

1. Click the “City”, “Region”, “General Forces”, “Famous Products” and other options above to display the corresponding data table.
2. Enter the city, famous product, general, and local domain name you want to modify in the search bar on the right to display the corresponding data table.
3. Click the cell to type the modified data, press Enter after the modification, and click elsewhere to cancel the modification.
4. Click the items above the form to sort.
5. The chaotic and provocative values ​​in the city column represent the duration of the day; the appearance of the city indicates the degree of damage to the appearance of the city.
6. You can change the standing drawing of the replacement general by entering the corresponding standing drawing number.
7. The general limit of the 5 generals is 120, and the ability after carrying famous products will not exceed this limit.
8. Up to 9 personalities can be unlocked by the generals. The personalities modified after returning to the city will be activated.
9. Click Clear Frame Limit to unlock the game ’s native 30 frame lock. After the game is closed, you need to click this option again to take effect again.
10. This tool also contains the general replacement function of generals. Click here to view how to use it.

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