Range Rover Sport: Strong, athletic and filled with technology

Range Rover Sport: Strong, athletic and filled with technology

Range Rover Autobiography

Range Rover Sport possesses a strong appearance, high-class interior and superior engine to attract the attention of those who prefer Off-Road cars.

Range Rover Sport with a strong and sophisticated exterior

New Range Rover Sport is designed with a beautiful appearance and fit. The lines with the appearance of tendons and roughness have traditionally been replaced by the curve. These enhancements make the Range Rover Sport feel both strong, sporty and softer and more refined.

Range Rover Sport car with luxurious interior and filled with technology

The new Range Rover Sport owns an interior space that is considered luxurious and very modern and comfortable. All seats are upholstered in high quality leather with air vents and stripes to make users feel comfortable when sitting. In addition, the car is also equipped with many well-worth of comfort technologies such as: The chair has a massage function and allows customization according to needs, modern sound system, automatic air conditioner, …

Range Rover Sport Autobiography 2020

Range Rover Sport with eDiversified and powerful engine and outstanding performance

The new Range Rover Sport has a refined engine block, providing strong performance and energy efficiency as well as outstanding performance. The manufacturer gives users three options: petrol and diesel engines or hybrid engines.

Range Rover Sport’s fuel consumption is considered to be quite economical when the average consumption ranges from 10 liters / 100km to 2.8 liters / 100km depending on the engine type that the user chooses. Range Rover Sport’s performance is undisputed because this is the most typical car in the Off-Road line.

Range Rover Sport with tModern safety equipment

The new Range Rover Sport is equipped with all the most modern safety features such as reversing camera, parking sensor, emergency braking function, lane departure warning, etc.

As such, the new Range Rover Sport is the perfect choice for families to travel, especially traveling on the mountain passes or rivers in Vietnam. With a sporty appearance, powerful engine and modern technology, Range Rover Sport is a practical and efficient vehicle. New Range Rover Sport prices range from VND 4.9 billion to VND 6.8 billion depending on the version.

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