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R3 vs Ninja 400 vs CBR500R yellow card sports car showdown! Three car owners experience the advantages and disadvantages of changing cars!

The war between the yellow card sports car YAMAHA YZF-R3, KAWASAKI Ninja 400 and HONDA CBR500R has never stopped. The evaluation articles on the Internet have been read one after another by car fans, but because of the pure data competition, there is no temperature. Without feelings, Moto7 therefore decided to directly invite the owners of the three cars to share their personal experiences for all riders.

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Car features

But before getting to the point, let’s take a look at the respective characteristics of the three vehicles. The new generation of YAMAHA YZF-R3 inherits the appearance of the R series combat. Together with the adjustment of the handle and triangle position, the riding posture also makes the riding posture more combative. The relatively low price of RMB 263,000 lowers the entry barrier. In addition, the 37mm inverted front fork is also the only one in its class, becoming the main reason for the attractiveness of the R3.

The KAWASAKI Ninja 400 has the lightest weight of 168kg and the shortest wheelbase of 1,370mm among the three vehicles, which is superior in terms of flexibility. The handsome ninja family style, matched with the H2-like fixed wind wing shell, directly ignites the new generation of car fans. Compared with the other two leisure vehicles, it is suitable as a commuter car in terms of riding posture setting.

HONDA CBR500R has a different orientation from high-speed engines such as YZF-R3 and Ninja 400. The 500R set in the brigade setting focuses on low-speed output. The 193kg curb weight is a bit heavier, but it is accompanied by an irreplaceable sense of stability. In addition, the original front fork is preload adjustable, and the overall stable and restrained performance is the reason why the owner cannot extricate himself.

Car owner interview

The mentality before buying a car is often the main reason for deciding to buy a car. Thoughtful buyers will do their homework and shop around before buying a car, and finally make the choice that best meets their needs; not the one you don’t like. There is only one car in the eyes from beginning to end, and the overflowing love can accommodate all the shortcomings of the car. Yaya herself is the latter, the perfect representative of impulse buying a car, but what about the three car owners?

YZF-R3 owner Jiji: I am the type you do not love

If I were a well-thought-out type, the original choice would be Ninja 400, because it is better than R3 in terms of equipment and power, but the R-DNA appearance and golden inverted fork of R3 make me fall in love at first sight, so naturally I chose R3; the original intention of buying a car was actually to use it for commuting, because it just happened that the usual commuting scooter was going to be eliminated, and the amount of the yellow-card heavy machine loan per installment is not much different from the general scooter. So I just bought a heavy machine directly, and can also travel above the elevated platform, but the original intention wasThere is not much cargo space and people are not comfortable enough,So now I almost always commute by car, and R3 has become purely fun.

The base of YZF-R3.

Ninja 400 owner TI: I am love at first sight

When I was watching three yellow card class sports cars at the time, I saw the Ninja 400 and decided it was it. Because the appearance of the Ninja 400 is very streamlined, I really like the aggressive feel. Ninja is indeed more murderous. Retro cars and round headlights may not be suitable for me now. I used to ride a small Aru myself, and people often asked me if I was riding a gear bike, but I couldn’t say that I was riding a heavy machine, so I started with my heavy machine dream, of course, part of it was also for the right of way. When I bought it, I felt that I liked heavy machines better, so I have always been passionate about the Ninja 400.

TI 的 Ninja 400。

CBR500R owner Awen: I am a thoughtful type

At the beginning, I looked at imitation racing cars. After seeing these cars, I compared their equipment. In the fuel-saving evaluation, CBR500R is very fuel-efficient and the fuel consumption data is very beautiful. The original CBR500R is equipped with a slip-clutch, so it’s less tiring to use the clutch, because slip-off can reduce the discomfort of your hands when operating the clutch. Personally, I pay more attention to the comfort of riding, and you must ride comfortably. . Originally, I wanted to say that I might go on a mountain holiday during the holidays. Later, riding a ride may be a bit addictive. Now it is mainly used as a commuter bike.

Arvin’s CBR500R.

Owner change ride

After the three car owners took turns to ride each other’s car, what changes or opinions did they have? How does it compare to your own car?

After changing to each other’s bikes, what do the three think?

Ninja 400 owners’ opinions on YZF-R3

I think the R3’s inverted fork is really well-deserved, and it’s really smooth when cornering, so I like it when I ride it overall. Compared with the Shinobi, the Shinobi is easy to ride, but the R3 is better. The Shinobi’s fork is usable, but it pales in comparison with the R3. I think the R3’s inverted fork is even better. R3 will appear weaker at first at low torque, and will feel explosive at high speed, so riding pleasure is different. If it is based on the five-point benchmark score of the Ninja 400, the displacement of the power is different, and it is not easy to compare. I will give it eight points for the handling and six points for the riding posture, because the R3 handles are also fully high and comfortable; avoid The shock is slightly soft, I give four points.

What Ninja 400 owners think about CBR500R

The CBR500R is relatively heavy, so it is relatively stable to ride, but when cornering, because of the shock absorber, I feel that the faucet will float a bit and I am a little uncomfortable. I give eight points for the power of CBR500R because of its displacement advantage. I only give five points for handling, just like the turning point just mentioned. I think the riding posture is quite good, so I give six points because The setting of the 500R is closer to that of a running wagon, and the handles are higher and the seat cushion seems to be softer, so it is quite comfortable to sit on, and it will be comfortable for long-term riding or mid-to-long-distance riding. I gave it five points for shock absorbers, and the performance was average.

CBR500R owners’ views on R3

R3 will be slightly insufficient in terms of power, probably because of the displacement advantage of riding 500R. The stability is quite good when cornering, because the R3 is equipped with an inverted fork, so the stability is quite good. The braking is not enough, because I myself was the owner of R3, and then I did feel that the braking force was not enough, so I improved it through modified products. Using the CBR500R as a benchmark score of five points, I will give R3 three stars for its power, and about three stars for the control part. The inverted fork allows R3 to maintain the level of this car. The riding position is a bit more combative. Compared to the 500R, the R3 has a lower handlebar, and its triangle riding position will be more obvious, so I still give three stars because it will be more tiring. I give four points for the shock absorber, because the 500R is equipped with an adjustable front fork, so there may be some impact on the score.

CBR500R owners’ opinions on Ninja 400

Ninja 400 power is good above, and I have just tried to accelerate fast, and the acceleration is also full linear. In terms of scoring, I will give four points for the power of Ninja 400, which is a little more than R3. In terms of control, Ninja 400 emphasizes the lightness of the whole car, so it will not give people a sense of stability like 500R, so I will score the control Give four points. In terms of riding posture, because the setting of Ninja 400 is closer to that of 500R, it is a bit higher, and it should be better than my 500R. I just tried it and I feel that its handlebar is higher than mine, so I don’t use it. So lying down, R3 will be lying down a bit compared to that. In terms of shock absorbers, I think they should be almost the same, with little difference.

What R3 owners think about Ninja 400

The Ninja 400 is a well-balanced car. It has to be powered, it has to be controlled, and its appearance is handsome, so I think it is a well-balanced car. In terms of braking, the rear brake is much better than my R3; because the front brake is not needed on the road just now, its rear brake is much better than my R3. R3 brakes are quite a lot of owners. Will be brought up for discussion. Based on my R3 five-point benchmark, I will give Ninja 400 power seven points; the control part loses R3 a little bit, because Ninja 400 has a light body and enough power, so it can do whatever you want in corners, but as long as Encountering some holes will make the knight a little scared and unstable. For R3, you basically match the clutch, throttle, and gears better and smoother. Basically, you can go through any corners, but I think for people who have no riding experience at all, it will be easier to get started. ; When I was riding the R3, I still had to adapt to the clutch because it was really a bit heavy for the novice at the beginning. After all, there is no sliding clutch, and the Ninja 4 and 500R have both, which may be in the novice’s fault tolerance. Speaking will be more generous, giving novices more room for human error. The part of the 400 Ninja riding position, because this Ninja 400 has its pedals moved backwards, I prefer to fight a little bit, and I will give him a higher score. In terms of the original factory, I will give it 4 points. I will give seven points if the pedal is moved backward. As for the shock absorber, because the R3 has an inverted fork, although the rear shock absorber of the Shinobi 400 has multiple linkages, I don’t think it feels very obvious. It just has the shock absorption effect and works, but it becomes a bit too stupid and the reaction is not so Fast, so I gave him a lower three-pointer in terms of suspension.

What R3 owners think about CBR500R

CBR500R is a very suitable car for long-distance cruising. It is OK for short-distance commuting to the city, but I think it is not suitable for mountain roads, especially the road we tried today. The road is relatively small, the curve is relatively small, and the road is rough. Many, in the face of its heavier body and its suspension may not be adjusted to a more appropriate position, once passing through the hole, the whole body will be unstable, but it is very comfortable in a straight line. I will give nine points for the power of the CBR500R. After all, the displacement has the advantage of horsepower; the control part is as mentioned above, I will give three points; the riding posture is very comfortable, and its setting is full-run The concept, the high handle and the cushion are very suitable, the pedals are flat and not so behind, but I like to fight a little, so I give it three points; as for the shock absorber, although it will be a bit more unstable compared to today’s road, But it may be because I didn’t set it well, so I still gave it five points.


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