Quickly!Yamazaki online live application

Quickly!Yamazaki online live application

For those who have visited the distillery
For those who have recently become interested in brown liquor,
I would like you to experience this Yamazaki online live once.

How many pot stills are there?

What is the importance of prepared water?

Blend complexity and importance.

About barrels that sleep quietly.

Nowadays, Japanese whiskey is attracting worldwide attention and its rarity value is increasing.
The reputation of Japanese whiskey is so high that it is starting to run out of raw sake.
This Yamazaki online live, tasting glass with logo and 180 mm Yamazaki will be sent in advance.
Due to its popularity, it is becoming more and more sold out …
Please apply in a hurry ☆

Suntory Whiskey Remote Distillery Tour

We offer two types of tours: a real paid online live broadcast from the site and a 360 ° free tour of the distillery using VR technology. Please enjoy the history of Japanese whiskey and Suntory’s commitment from various angles.

Satoko Fujisaki

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