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Quickly ! The excellent Mother Russia Bleeds is super-sold on Switch …

… But it’s not going to last so go for the grab, this Mother Russia Bleeds, name by name!

We mentioned a few days ago, in a small dedicated file, some beat’em up that we could have missed, and want to do to continue the Streets of Rage 4 experience (you will find all this at the end of ‘article). It mentioned in particular Mother Russia Bleeds, a game produced by an indie French studio, Le Cartel, and produced by the incomparable Devolver Digital. Well, if the game caught your eye on Nintendo Switch following this article, now is the time to fall for it: he is currently receiving a discount to lose his head !

Mother Russia Bleeds is a pure juice, big pixel 2D beat’em up, which transposes you to an alternative Soviet Union where you play as one of the 4 proposed members of a group of gypsies who survive by participating in clandestine combat (we are not talking about the Fight Club, we said).

One day, our thieves are bombarded by the government army of this oppressive regime and taken to an underground laboratory, where they undergo experiments with a drug which will be both their strength and their weakness. In fact, it causes them more and more hallucinations of unhealthy monsters, but it also allows them to regenerate and become overpowered for a time.

It goes without saying, they will immediately escape and set off on a crusade against those responsible for this mess with great blows of latte. Mother Russia Bleeds is a brutal and bloody game, sometimes awkward (as the kids say at the moment), and which benefits from a whole lot of small details that we would like to find in all the beat’s up we go through.

Special mention, for example, to the dash that is sorely lacking in Streets of Rage 4 apart from Cherry, to the possibility of dismantling your opponent on the ground with fury, or to the proposal of play with 3 friends if available, but also 3 AI if not (not so nunuches as that, in addition).

Mother Russia Bleeds, to sum up, is an excellent beat’em up, nervous and not too short for the genre. But hurry instead of reading these nonsense: it is currently offered at 0.99 € on the eShop Switch instead of the usual 14.99 € (and offered on other platforms), i.e. a 93% discount, but it will only last until May 25, so you know how to book your weekend!

PS: If this trailer does not convince you, it is that you are really hermetic to the genre.

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