Quickly review Durgod gaming mouse V95s: Add a potential name for the cheap segment - VnReview

Quickly review Durgod gaming mouse V95s: Add a potential name for the cheap segment – VnReview

At a price of around VND600,000, the Durgod V95s, the newly launched Chinese gaming mouse Durgod, promises to stir up the low-end segment thanks to what it offers.

Durgod is a fairly new name in the gaming gear market in Vietnam but owns a wide range of products in both form and color. At the same time, Durgod products have stable and reasonable prices for common ground, from keyboard, mouse to earphones.

The main character in the article today of VnReview is the gaming mouse in the low-cost segment recently released, the Durgod V95s. Products are currently distributed at a price of about VND 600,000 depending on the system.

The design is familiar, but still has its own quality

The product case has a striking black-and-blue color scheme, but on the front Durgod does not produce product images like other firms but only has a logo and a round stamp introducing the product code in the right corner of the box. This is something that can be inconvenient, such as buying a new mouse and facing a lot of options, being unable to visualize the product inside is designed to make it easy to ignore it.

Durgod V95s does not have any accessories attached (the version I received does not have a guide to use or recommend the product, only the mouse inside) so we will go straight to the product. . In terms of design, Durgod V95s have symmetrical designs (ambidextrous) instead of ergonomic. While the process of use may not be as comfortable, the symmetrical design allows whether you are right-handed or left-handed can still be used easily, as is familiarity.

Overall in size, the V95s are quite large, the writers have big hands so the grip feels very compact and fit, but those with smaller hands may have a bit of trouble. The weight of the mouse is moderate, not too heavy and not too light.

The surface cover of the mouse body is made of ordinary ABS plastic material, which is slightly roughened to make the grip feel better. A small minus point is that this surface layer is easy to attach to fingerprints and sweat, but cleaning is easy no matter what. The finish of the mouse is also high, the edges are tightened, there is no feeling of creaking.

The RGB LED lights on the sides and bottom left / right click buttons are my favorite points in Durgod V95s. There are 16.8 million colors, they have good brightness, they look very shimmering in a dark room, but these lights may be a place to accumulate sweat or other contaminants when used, users need to pay attention to hygiene. they often. In addition, we cannot change the LED mode.

Just above the LED array on the left side of the mouse are two common back / forward navigation buttons. These two buttons have good feedback, press the hand, there is nothing to blame.

Besides the LED on the sides, the Durgod V95s also has an LED in the scroll button and a Durgod logo, but unfortunately only a monochrome LED with a single mode of breathing. With a total of 6 colors of red, green, blue, yellow, blue and purple, they correspond to 6 DPI levels of the mouse 250/500/1000/1500/2000/6200, changed by two plus / except on mouse body. With the screen resolution of 2K, 4K is becoming more popular, there are high DPI options that are not excessive at all.

The Durgod V95s mouse scroll button is quite large, with floating spikes for good finger grip. One thing the writer accidentally discovered was that when using, scrolling and scrolling produced two different noises, and the sound of scrolling was a bit loud, but it didn't really matter. to experience, just an interesting discovery.

At the bottom, Durgod V95s does not have a Polling Rate control button (the frequency at which the sensor sampled in a time unit, in Hz) as the more expensive brother V90 Evo, only the LED toggle button. The Feet mouse section is enlarged, slippery, and in each section of the mouse there is a slot that allows users to replace older mouse feet more easily.

The V95s' cord is covered despite being quite sturdy, equipped with an anti-jammer, but again Durgod decided not to gild the USB connector, so it could rust over time.

Hardware is stable in price range, no custom software

Talking about mouse hardware, what users are most interested in will be the sensor eye and the switch (switch). On the V95s model, the Durgod comes with a Pixart PMW 3327 sensor, which we can see on some price range mice like the Corsair Harpoon Pro or Fuhlen G92S.

It is not "genuine" like the PMW 3360 of the V90 EVO, but it is enough for us to be assured of performance for the most demanding FPS games on the market today such as CS: GO or PUBG. With Infrared LED (infrared) technology, you will not see the red light on the reading eye of the V95s like other mice, which helps to better position the surface as well as increase the accuracy of use.

On the switch, Durgod V95s uses Huano switch, the manufacturer's durability is 20 million times. This number is significantly lower than the V90 EVO's Omron (50 million clicks), but in return for a stronger feel, the "tap" feeling in the game is also "smoother".

No driver software is a very unfortunate omission of Durgod V95s. In fact, Durgod has its software called Zeus Engine, but the V95s are not on the support list, while in the market many products at the same price range have their own software. No software also means we don't have macros, no Polling Rate, no DPI setting, etc.

Experience fast reality

The first feeling when dragging the mouse around on a mobile speed table is usually smooth, very smooth, a small contribution is due to moderate weight and sleek dress style so the writer has Can use wrist to move. When playing games for nearly two hours, the writer still sees no signs of fatigue or wrist pain.

The self-identified writer is not really a good FPS player, so using a mouse 600,000 VND or a few million VND is hard to play better. Experience fast with Battlefield V, actions such as flicking the mouse quickly to the target, shooting one shot at a time, or bursting, all have high stability and accuracy. At this price, we can hardly ask for anything more.


Overall, Durgod V95s satisfies what users need in a gaming mouse product at this price range. The eye-catching RGB LED, the familiar design is easy to use, the performance is good and the price is competitive, that's what Durgod did well. Durgod V95s, "Durgod V95s" are still there that can do even better, but after all, it's still a cheap product, and there must be sacrifices.

Hoan Dang

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