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As a time of rivalry with PES, FIFA games in recent years, we always try to innovate ourselves with additions, modifications and improvements. Still with that line, a series of attractive features have been encapsulated in a very complete FIFA 20 version. To bring the first look at this game title, the article would like to synthesize the prestigious reviews on many aspects of this game.

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Catch The Progress

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One of the improvements that is strongly concentrated in FIFA 20 is the pace of the match. The studio wishes to eliminate the slow defenders who can catch up to the opponent's speed strikers – a condition that has existed for many years. If you've ever played FIFA 12, though it might be the best version, the player's speed problem is always something many players complain about when there are many players with very high speeds, with the ability to speed up, wriggle and cut the ball perfectly, although the other indicators are not noticeable.

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Wishing to create the most realistic football version, FIFA 20's core desire must depend more on the pace of the player. The dribbling becomes very important during this time because a striker with low dribbling ability can be "caught" by normal defenders and vice versa. However, after a few soccer matches, it seems FIFA 20 has not yet achieved what they want because the FIFA football realization ideal has yet to create a more interesting gameplay. The middle of each section has a fairly slow pace from beginning to end and counter-attacks are harder to implement. The positions on the pitch except quick-winger players are quite slow and boring. Although this game will continue to be tweaked, to be better, for many people, they still have not seen too many impressions about this 11v11 mode.

Operate On The Same Engine

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Considered a promising mode, although Volta looks very similar to FIFA Street, it is designed according to an EA goal to close the gap between street games and realistic gameplay. The purpose of EA is to make the transition between Volta and 11v11 mode as seamless as possible compared to the previous FIFA Street mode. However, this move may be quite challenging. While the basic mode is not much improved and may change because it has existed for more than 20 years with many unique properties, Volta brings a new breeze with a more rustic football style. . Combined with FIFA 20's Engine system, Volta mode becomes much smoother and more attractive. With a mini-field, you have to be an extremely experienced player to be able to handle it well but the robbery phase is somewhat tougher than when playing on a traditional court

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With FIFA 20, it is difficult for players to fully score from a distance by changing gameplay related to the handle as well as a completely new type of contextual defense. You must try to overcome the defensive line is now more certain by your skills and tricks or because there is a kick into the net from afar, even if the players are quite tight. However, that only happens in 11v11 mode, but with Volta, everything becomes easy when the skills are a combination of simple keys and the number of skills that many people have can learn. But simplifying skills will be bad for competent players, but that's good for new players.

The World Of Volta And Many Other Things

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When it comes to the experience of Volta mode, you will have your own Volta World. From the beginning, you will create a character the way you want with a variety of items for you, with lots of items that can be obtained through Volta coins and special challenges. . And according to Matt Prior, creative director of FIFA 20, Volta coins will not be able to be purchased through micro transactions and can only be earned by playing games.

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With FIFA 20, Volta is not only a replacement for The Journey, but it can also be a refresh for but only for you and your characters through the world of street football. Unlike the Journey, Volta will also receive seasonally updated content in every month with lots of challenges and rewards. On top of that, FIFA 20 also has Volta League simulated by standard seasons and will take place online. Choose your team and choose a mode you like, then "compete" with other players to see yourself improving.

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There are still two months left until this game is officially released, and during that time, many other tweaks can still be applied and adapted accordingly. But many gamers said that FIFA 20 will have a fate like the previous versions: a bad start, then updates will help players capture the rhythm of the title. game and gradually feel more comfortable. As a promising mode, but maybe Volta will not be strong enough to last longer in more distant versions. In addition, Ultimate Team mode is an expectation by many special and creative additions.


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