Quickly change IP address with X-Proxy

Quickly change IP address with X-Proxy

You do not have access to certain Web sites or have someone spying on your IP address online to commit obscurity. The solution to change IP address is chosen by many people. This article ElectrodealPro will share with you how to change the IP address quickly with X Proxy.

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An IP address is one of the number of numbers that determine your location on the network, so when you are using the internet but cannot access the network or have someone attack through this address, the best way is to change the IP address, There are many tools that allow you to change IP address automatically, especially X Proxy will help you change IP quickly.

set the ip address with x-proxy

Guide Change IP address quickly with X-Proxy

In the past when you had problems with the Internet, you had to manually configure it in the machine Network and Internet -> Network Connections

To change the IP address with the computer X Proxy Follow the steps below:


– Computer needs to install X Proxy
– Install Microsoft NET Framework 4 and Windows Installer.

Step 1: You download and install X Proxy on your computer. You can download the latest version of X Proxy

Step 2: After installation is complete, press the button Proxy List to download Proxy list.

Inside IP is the address, Hostname is the server name, SSL is the http protocol in use, Speed is speed, Status is the state and Country nation.

Step 3: When you want to change the selected IP address, you double-click on it that desired IP. When the change is finished, a notification from this tool will appear to let you know.

On the frame IP info include information such as:
Real IP is the real IP of my device
– Fake IP is the IP address in use
– Anonymity is the level of anonymity of the proxy.

Step 4: To install X-Proxy you click Settings then there are options like:

– Languages is the display language,
– Skins is the interface of the program,
– Hide ip for selected browsers is to choose the browser you want to hide IP from,
– X-Proxy run automatically when Windows starts is to allow the program to start with the system,
– Refresh proxy list is updating the new proxy list,
– Internet speed test is to check the speed the internet proxy uses,
– Restore Real IP is to return the machine’s default IP.

Above we have instructed you how to change the IP address quickly using X-Proxy software, so you can hide your real IP address to make surfing the Web easy and safe when trading on. network, …. If you are not satisfied, you can use one of the top 10 best hidden IP software available in ElectrodealPro.

If you are knowledgeable about computer networks, you have probably heard the concept of SOCKs proxies already, but if this is the case, this is the first time you hear this concept and you are worried about using SOCKs Proxy Is there any effect ?, do not worry, with the answer that using SOCKs proxy is safe or not that ElectrodealPro collected will give you the most general overview of this concept.


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