Quick test and evaluation of Osmo Action

Quick test and evaluation of Osmo Action

I have just borrowed the Osmo Action camera and tried to shoot a number of different contexts, so that you can see the image quality as well as other capabilities that this machine brings. Those who do not know anything about this Osmo Action can see the song on his hand here (Link) to see the appearance, outstanding features and basic usage on this journey camera. .
Video test and quick assessment of Osmo Action camera.

Quickly review the camera and outstanding features on Osmo Action:

  • The sub-screen is placed in front of the camera, which can be considered the most outstanding advantage of Osmo Action compared to other camera action of other companies. The extra screen in the front makes it easy for me to turn into a type of Vlog, while I can see my face when talking alone, and I can watch the composition better. To switch the view mode when recording from the rear main screen to the secondary screen, simply touch the 2 main screens on the main screen continuously, but I feel that this way is sometimes a little difficult to use, instead of just making 1 button Hard to press is delicious.
  • The ability to shoot 4K 60 fps (16/9) with Rock Steady anti-shake feature helps you get smoother videos when moving. I find this anti-shake feature works pretty well, not really impressive. Hoping to make a trip to climb the mountain with his sister to see where the effect really is.
  • Osmo Action has a "narrower" viewing angle than other ultra-wide-angle cruise cameras, but it seems that due to the "narrow" angle, I feel more visually comfortable when shooting movies. Vlog type when there is not too much distortion effect. The image quality with this view on Osmo Action is better than the frame cropping from ultra wide angle on other cruise cameras.
  • Osmo Action's ability to record sound when filming is quite effective, I try to use it and listen to it again, I can use it, it is a little noise in the environment but in the ability to handle it.
  • Water resistant to 11 meters depth. As for taking the rain on the land, you carefree use asthma.
  • Swipe operations when using the touch screen to customize smoothly, less prone to lag.
  • Osmo Action has the ability to record HDR video, but in return, Rock Steady anti-shake feature will not work. I tried to use it, found the video quality is quite good, the metering ability is fast and smooth, the details are kept quite well in complex light areas but the color is a little pale compared to Gopro Hero7, Rock Steady not activated but the video sensation is still quite smooth, not shaking much.
  • Voice control features to use commands such as taking photos, shooting videos … Helping you set your phone and take photos at a distance more easily.
  • In addition, Osmo Action is able to use Gopro accessories with a joint-mounted case.

Those are my preliminary comments about this Osmo Action, I will try to borrow longer and try its vibration resistance in more "difficult" situations and for a private article, thank you .


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