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Quick review VW Tiguan Allspace – good gearbox, good sound insulation, good speakers

Recently I had the opportunity to pilot the VW Tiguan Allspace with Hanoi – Moc Chau Street, so I have some feeling of driving experience and experience after 3 days with this car. Tiguan Allspace is currently competing in the 7-seat mid-size crossover segment. The question is at the highest price in the segment of Tiguan Allspace, what does this 7-seater Crossover from Germany have to convince customers to choose it instead of more accessible Asian models?

My first impression of sitting in the interior of Tiguan Allspace is the information entertainment system with a large touch screen. So touch operations are easy to manipulate thanks to the large logo area. Especially when connecting Apple CarPlay to a smartphone to use the Google Maps map application, the large size screen of Tiguan Allspace gives a very good feeling of tracking with big numbers. In addition, the color depth, sharpness, brightness of this touch screen are all very good, so it is not hard to see under the sun.

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It can be said that the information entertainment is the detail I feel the best in the interior compartment of Tiguan Allspace. The remainder of the Tiguan Allspace interior leans on simple and practical style with quite a level of perfection. Also, the Tiguan's infotainment system is full of necessary connectivity ports such as USB, Bluetooth besides Apple CarPlay standard which is a trend in the car world.

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The next impressive thing is the 8-speaker sound system according to the car although not from any high-end sound brand but still sounds very emotional. The range of bass, mid and high is well removed. Instrument details are quite clear. Overall, I think the majority will be satisfied with the sound of the sound system under the Tiguan Allspace.

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VW's comfort and safety equipment can be called a full range of essentials such as 3 zone automatic air conditioning, automatic rain / light wiper / rearview mirror / anti-glare rearview mirror, tire pressure sensor, 14-way power steering and 3-position memory seat, integrated electronic handbrake with automatic braking, etc. There is a small minus point that Tiguan Allspace does not have a reversing camera available. However, VW dealers now all offer reverse cameras for customers when buying cars.

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The good soundproofing ability of the 7-seater crossover from Europe also partly helps the music experience inside the car be completed and the people in the car are tired of long journeys. During the 3-day trip I had nothing to complain about with the criterion of sound, environment sound and engine sound insulation of Tiguan Allspace.

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Tiguan Allspace's suspension system is tilted in a slightly stiff direction, making it a little less comfortable to enter bad roads. In return, the combined suspension and rugged chassis of Tiguan Allspace make this 7-seater crossover slightly less inclined than other mid-size SUVs or SUVs. The effect is most evident in the pass roads on the way to Moc Chau, I sit in both the front row and row 2 but the whole body is not shaking so much so that there is no situation of motion sickness due to motion.

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I appreciate the body and strength of the Tiguan Allspace chassis when running at high speed. Overall certainty and peace of mind are what you expect from a German car, Tiguan Allspace will not disappoint you. Only, if Tiguan Allspace's steering wheel does not get sticky and has little feedback on the road at the initial steering angle, the experience will be even more satisfying. It is a strict consideration, but with the majority, the hydraulic power steering feeling of the mid-sized crossover is still real and direct.

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VW equips Tiguan Allspace in Vietnam, a 2.0-liter, 4-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine, with a maximum capacity of 180 horsepower and a maximum torque of 320 Nm. This engine impresses with a very even and smooth distribution range. The downside of the turbocharged engine is that the lag is negligible at the engine of Tiguan Allspace. At the turbocharging latency test, which means releasing gas when cornering and after stepping back, I see this 2.0-liter turbocharged engine responding almost immediately. If rigorous, the turbocharging delay is somewhere less than 0.5 seconds. However, the experience of the turbocharged Tiguan Allspace engine tilts naturally and I appreciate this.

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The 7-speed DSG dual-clutch gearbox is a big plus in the overall driving experience of the 7-seater crossover from VW. Tiguan Allspace's dual-clutch gearbox not only moves fast at high tassels but is still smooth at low speed ranges in urban areas. The downside of previous dual-clutch gearboxes is that it is often jerky when shifting the gear at a low speed range. It seems that VW has calibrated the dual-clutch gearbox algorithm on Tiguan Allspace quite well and reduced this phenomenon.

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Configuring 4-wheel drive AWD with 4Motion. Engine power is transmitted to 4 wheels to help the 7-seat crossover accelerate from 0-100 km / h in about 8 seconds and reach a maximum speed of 198 km / h. With 4Motion 4-wheel drive system, the driver simply selects the right terrain (Snow – Snow, Onroad – Normal road, Offroad – Complex terrain), the rest of the computer system will automatically calculate the appropriate distribution force to the wheels to get the car through difficult terrain. In addition, the driver can choose between 3 different driving modes: Eco – economy, Normal – normal, and Sport – sports.

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Considering the feature / price criteria, the Tiguan Allspace will not be too prominent compared to other Asian competitors in the 7-seater crossover market. However, if what you need is solidity and peace of mind in the "quality" of the German car, the VW Tiguan is your choice.

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