Quick review Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5: 4 external speakers sound quality very suitable for watching movies - VnReview

Quick review Samsung Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5: 4 external speakers sound quality very suitable for watching movies – VnReview

The recent Android tablet market is quiet, few products really attractive. Samsung is probably the most eager to change that. Recently, the company has launched two new tablet models, a mid-range Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 inches and a premium one is Galaxy Tab S4.

The Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 has a genuine selling price of VND 9.49 million, which is quite high if you look at the configuration of the product. However, Samsung's mid-range A-series tablets have long been aimed primarily at basic entertainment needs such as watching movies, surfing the web, reading e-books or playing light games.

In the A series, Samsung's tablets focus more on screens, battery life and design. On the Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 years ago, the product has an additional element: the 4-speaker system that supports Dolby audio improves the viewing experience, listening to music or playing games from the tablet.


The front of the device looks familiar, similar to most other Android computers. The difference in design is probably on the back. The back has an 8MP rear camera with a flash below. The surface of the back is made of plastic with a soft design such as soft rubber or velvet, easy to hold on but easy to stick to fingerprints. The machining quality is quite good, giving a solid and sturdy feel.

Smooth surface holding high as soft rubber

On the edges, noticeable details are up to 4 speakers at both ends, USB Type C connector and a standard nano SIM slot for use with 4G networks. The phone can be called but not speaker like the 7 inch products of Samsung, so it must use external speakers or the most convenient is to connect via Bluetooth headset. The product also has 4 pins for attaching to an external dock.

One side has 4 pins and 2 small holes for attaching to the external dock

It uses USB Type C charging / data port, each side has 2 speakers

The other side has 2 speakers and audio jacks

It supports one LTE connection SIM, can be dialed but only via external speakers or Bluetooth headset attached.

In Vietnam, the product currently has two choices of colors are blue and black.


Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 uses an IPS LCD screen of 10.5 icnh, Full-HD resolution, 16: 9 ratio and a pixel density of 216 PP, enough to work with a tablet. This screen also has an automatic brightness adjustment mode like on Samsung smartphones. When auto-brightness is turned on, the maximum brightness of the screen increases much higher than the maximum brightness in manual mode, so outdoor use is no problem.

The screen colors are neutral and not as bold and vibrant as the AMOLED screen and the viewing angle is quite wide.

Software and performance

Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 is currently pre-installed with Android version 8.1 Oreo along with Samsung Experience UI 9.0 software interface. The overall interface looks similar to Samsung smartphone devices. You can go to the Advanced features section to use features such as daily message board, multi-window mode, smart screen capture by manipulating the hand on the screen … It is also okay Integrated child mode to prevent children from accessing the content you want to protect when using your tablet.

Configurable enough for basic needs, light gaming

In general, the software interface is quite simple and easy to use. Snapdragon processor 450 eight-core 1.8GHz with 3Gb RAM and 32Gb internal memory is powerful enough to handle basic functions on the web such as surfing the web, watching movies or playing light games. The heavy graphics games like PUBG Mobile or Dead Trigger 2 need to reduce graphics to make the game better.

The overall performance of Antutu and the CPU performance is the Geekbench equivalent to mid-range smartphones.

When measured on performance measurement applications, Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 points similar to the Snapdragon 625 smartphones or mid-range smartphones last year. In general, the configuration is not strong but enough to meet the popular needs on tablets is for entertainment, watching movies, listening to music and surfing the web. In return, Samsung's products focus on sound, equipped with up to 4 speakers supporting Dolby Atmos surround sound technology.

Sound of 4 speakers

Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 is equipped with 4 external speakers tweaked by AKG sound company. 4 speakers are arranged on both sides and played in two-channel stereo format. Samsung also incorporates Dolby Atmos technology, promising an impressive surround sound effect for the tablet. In the actual experience, when trying out the sound of the Galaxy Tab A 10.5 with the movie, it was really amazing how the tablet experience was.

The sound is somewhat lively, the sound effect simulating the movement in the film is quite clear, or even the soundtrack in the movie also sounds quite good. This is something that is hard to achieve in mobile devices. Bass from explosive effects also has depth and force.

Or when playing games such as PUBG mobile, Galaxy Tab (2018) A 10.5 also makes it easier for you to target the enemy than the usual single speakers, bullets, explosive grenades, … all provide a good experience. Pretty good experience. However, the maximum volume of the device via external speakers is not very loud and the 4-speaker design makes it difficult to hold horizontally, especially when playing games because your hands will insert into the speaker.

Try the quality of the external speaker when playing music from Spotify, the sound quality is not as good as when watching movies and playing games. The sound has a moderate level of detail, which feels somewhat like listening through a blanket covering the surface of the speaker. The soundstage effect is also wide but somewhat discrete. Bass through the vibrant music is also relatively powerful, the sound treb has a good brightness, pretty detail, along with a clear mid range.


Few people focus on cameras on tablets. On the camera side, this tablet has an 8MP rear camera with flash and a 5MP front camera. The quality of both cameras is at a basic level, sufficient for video calling (Full-HD resolution). Photos are bright enough but only a little light will be easy to disturb and not clear. However, the camera's shooting speed is quite fast.

Battery time

Galaxy Tab A (2018) 10.5 has a huge 7300 mAh battery. We tried with the movie to copy the memory of the device, the device can watch for nearly 12 hours from full to 10%. This is a pretty good result, promising enough day use for most users.

Summarize Samsung Galaxy Tab (2018) A 10.5 has a decent design, big screen and 4 quality external speakers for watching movies and playing games. The battery life is good, but the performance is just enough to meet the demands on tablets, mainly watching movies, surfing the web or occasionally playing popular games. Besides, the price of current products is also quite high.


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