Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df – VnReview camera

Nikon's "retro" camera is coming soon, and the biggest surprise is that Nikon decided to use Nikon D4's full-frame 16.2 MP CMOS sensor on the Nikon Df. The rating below is translated from the page TechRadar.

Instead of using a larger sensor like 24.3 MP on a Nikon D610 or 36.3 MP sensor as on the Nikon D800, Nikon chose to use a 16.2 MP sensor for the Nikon Df.

The use of 16 MP sensor is not entirely a weakness, because on a lower resolution sensor, the pixel size will be larger and thus more brighter, less powerful and less signaling requires exaggerating signals. As a result, the image will be less noisy and "cleaner".

Nikon Df is equipped with image processor EXPEED 3 like Nikon D610, D800 and D4. As a result, the device supports ISO from 100 – 12,800, and with extended options can reach ISO 50 – 204,800, on par with D4.

Nikon Df is capable of continuous shooting at a rate of 5.5 frames per second with a maximum of 100 photos. Images are stored on standard SD / SDHC / SDXC memory cards. Unlike other Nikon FX cameras, you only have 1 card slot on the Nikon Df.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Df only has a memory card slot

While the Nikon Df has a completely new body, with a nostalgic look, most of the details are not too strange. The focus system uses the Multi-CAM 4800 module like D610 and has 39 autofocus points. The rear LCD screen is 3.2-inch with high resolution. You can display a 9-grid grid on the screen. You can crop photos to obtain 16: 9 or 1: 1 images.

The Nikon Df is more like an SLR than a mirrorless camera, and therefore has an optical viewfinder that lets you see images directly from the lens. The viewfinder's field of view is 100% with 0.7x magnification, besides the DX crop ability when DX tube is attached.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

The Df screen has the same size as the D610

With built-in dual-axis digital level feature, the image on the LCD screen is aligned with the tilt of the camera, to ensure that the image is always balanced even though the hand Your device may be tilted. This feature also applies when you use the viewfinder.

In particular, the Nikon Df is the first camera to be equipped with a special lever that Nikon calls a collapsible metering coupling lever that allows the camera to attach directly to all Nikkor lenses, including the old Non-AI lens line. You can light up with the maximum aperture on Non-AI lenses in aperture priority mode or in manual exposure mode as with Al Nikkor tubes, which means you can light up with aperture max in all exposure modes.

Nikon Df has 4 familiar PSAM exposure modes, but does not have fully automatic modes or scene selection. However, it has the familiar Picture Control modes that allow editing JPEG images and create photo effects right on the device.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Unfortunately, Nikon Df is missing some basic features. The first is a pop-up flash, which is not surprising because this is a nostalgic full-frame machine with hotshoe. Nikon Df also does not have video recording capability: this is a camera for photography.

Finally, the Nikon Df is not integrated with Wi-Fi, but is compatible with Nikon's WU-1a Adapter that allows sharing photos on smartphones or tablets. You can also use WR-r10 wireless receiver and WR-T10 transmitter to control the Nikon Df remotely.


While still quite large in size, the Nikon Df is much smaller than the D610. Df's design is also much more angular.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

"Nostalgic" is the first word you will use to talk about Df

Although the Nikon Df tried to follow Nikon's old SLR models, modern materials and some design details still reveal that this is a modern camera. Not only is it nostalgic, the Nikon Df is equally as resistant to weather as the D800.

Nikon wants to build Df into a camera with an interesting user experience as much as the photos it makes. Important parameters such as shutter speed, ISO, and exposure compensation are all included in the control wheels at the top of the machine. When selecting the 1/3 Step option on the shutter speed adjustment wheel, you can use an additional wheel rotation, located just above the thumb section to change the shutter speed.

You need to unlock it before adjusting the shutter speed and exposure compensation by pressing the lock buttons located between the exposure compensation wheel and the shutter. The ISO adjustment lock button is located next to the adjustment ring, in the lower left corner of the exposure compensation wheel.

You can also adjust the X (flash sync), T (open the shutter until the second press) and bulb mode (open the shutter until the button is released). In the middle of the shutter button there is a small hole for attaching a traditional soft press cord.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

The top of the machine is dense with buttons

On the right side of the top part of the camera is the MASP mode dial. This rotation is necessary because the Nikon Df supports both new lens models without the aperture ring and the old tube models with the aperture ring.

Focus mode on Nikon Df is similar to Nikon's recent SLR models: when pressing the selector near the lens mount and incorporating the front wheels and on the side of the machine, you can select modes Auto focus like Single-AF, Continuous-AF …

You can also customize the metering mode for the Nikon Df from the back of the device; a front-facing button incorporates wheels to select bracket modes.


Due to the Nikon Df model TechRadar Testing is just sample products, we will have to wait until the day the machine officially releases to comment on the quality of the photos. However, because Nikon Df has Nikon's most advanced sensor and processor like the D4, it is anticipated that the Nikon Df will have very good image quality.

Thanks to a resolution of only 16MP, the Nikon Df will capture better in low light conditions. As a result, you can use Nikon Df in many use cases.

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

The image quality from the Nikon Df viewfinder is very bright and clear, allowing for more details to be displayed. Users with a large collection of hand-focused lenses will love the Nikon Df.

The Nikon Df's large screen allows you to accurately focus, but it is unclear whether this monitor has a problem pressing on the cool tones like the D610's screen. In some bad cases, you can correct the wrong white balance, which results in a picture that is too warm.

Metering systems will probably work stably in most cases. TechRadar tested the 2016 pixel RGB sensor and the Scene Recognition system and achieved very good results.

Photo quality

Famous photographer Jeremy Walker made initial comments on the quality of Nikon Df photos:

"As you might expect, the Nikon Df has very good shooting quality in low-light shooting conditions, high ISO, making it clear and sharp with ISO 1600 and is able to do more. Nikon Df is a jewel for people taking pictures on the street or moving a lot.

But Nikon Df is not just for low-light photography. I took a picture of the landscape with the Nikon Df, going up the mountains for hours, feeling satisfied with the light machine that could capture clear and sharp pictures. With my panoramas, the Nikon Df is a great camera. I think this is a good camera for professional photographers to carry around to use as secondary cameras. The Nikon Df is small and light, and doesn't take too much space in the carrying case, just like the FM2 complements the F3.

I have been using Df for 4 weeks, and have definitely experienced all the experiences. I like Nikon Df, and I'm impressed by the quality of the photos.

This is not a review, but just my initial thoughts. Will I buy a Nikon Df?

Definitely yes ".

The following are photos ordered by Nikon "taken by Walker":

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera

Quick review of Nikon Df camera


Df's control system is easy to use, it is also quite solid and convenient. 16 MP resolution is enough for most professional photographers – this has been proven through the Nikon D4's success.

However, with the original price of £ 2650 in the UK market (about VND 90 million), the Nikon Df is a camera that is out of reach for many people. According to retail companies, this price will not be a big obstacle if Nikon releases a truly quality end product. Based on the initial signals, it can be said that the Nikon Df will definitely become a dream product for photographers in the future.

Gia Cuong

According to TechRadar

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