Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 Pro tablet – VnReview

With its high battery life and elegant design, the Dell Venue 11 Pro is one of the best hybrid laptop tablets on the market today. Machine has a starting price of only 499 USD (about 10.5 million).

With a quad-core Atom processor, a 1080p screen and lots of connections, the Venue 11 Pro is currently one of the best work tablets today. In addition, this tablet can be combined with many types of dock to “transform” into a laptop or a small desktop. But is the Venue 11 Pro’s true power worth $ 499? Let’s LaptopMag Find the answer through the review below.


– Delicate design, sturdy

– High performance

– High battery life when attached to the keyboard

– Full HD screen in vibrant colors


– The screen is a bit dark

– microSD card slot is not convenient

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop


The back of the tablet of the Venue 11 Pro is covered with a soft, anti-fouling texture that creates a luxurious and solid hand-held feel. The edges of the body are made of high-quality magnesium. 8MP camera is installed in the upper position of the back. The Dell and Intel logos are placed along the center of the back, while the NFC logo is located on the upper left. However, Intel logo seems a bit redundant and creates a sense of confusion for users.

Meanwhile the front of the machine is a touch screen, 2MP camera and a prominent Home button at the bottom.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Compared to most other tablet models, the Venue 11 Pro has a lot of slots and ports: from a microSD reader to an HDMI connection and a Noble lock. The microSD slot is a useful addition, but the annoying thing is that you’ll have to use a sharp point to open the slot cover.

On the left side of the body is a USB 3.0 port, a microUSB port, headphone / microphone jacks and a silver volume control button. The power button is located on the right side of the camera body. The lower body of the device has a magnetic connector, a separate port to combine with the keyboard and desktop dock. Venue 11 Pro has only one speaker.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Despite looking very premium, the Venue 11 Pro is a bit oversized: it weighs up to 0.72 kg, weighs even more than Surface 2 (0.64 kg) and ASUS Transformer Book T100 (0.54 kg) . The body of the Venue 11 Pro (27.9 x 17.6 x 1 cm) is also larger than the Surface 2 (27.4 x 17.2 x 0.89 cm) and Transformer Trio (26.4 x 17 x 1 cm ), but this is also quite understandable because competing products only have a 10-inch screen while the Venue 11 Pro’s screen is nearly 11 inches.


Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

The Venue 11 Pro’s 10.8-inch 1920 x 1080 pixel screen has poor brightness. The brightness of the Venue 11 Pro in our testing LaptopMag only 174 lux, only half the 359 lux average of the tablet models available on the market. ASUS T100 reaches 204 lux, while Surface 2 has a brightness of 364 lux and iPad Air even reaches 411 lux.

Although a bit dark, the Venue 11 Pro’s IPS screen still produces very vibrant colors. In the trailer for the movie Someone Marry Barry, the red color almost emerged from the screen, especially the color of the flowers in the funeral scene. The bike’s golden lights are beautifully displayed, and the Venue 11 Pro editors can even see the beard of Barry’s protagonist.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Venue 11 Pro’s viewing angles are also very wide, allowing users to view from both sides of the screen without worrying about faded colors.


Venue 11 Pro has a volume of up to 81 dB (decibels), surpassing both Surface 2 (71 dB) and iPad Air (67 dB). However, the sound quality of the Venue 11 Pro is not good at all: the sound is quite thin and lifeless.

In the song Drunk in Love by Beyonce, the bass is almost completely lost, the female singer’s voice is also distorted and pale. Sounds like a hand clap or drum are slightly better reproduced.

Keyboard and touchpad

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

You can combine Venue 11 Pro with a separate keyboard dock to use this laptop hybrid tablet for work. The keyboard of the Venue 11 Pro has a Chiclet design, no Num Pad (10-digit sequence) and has an 8.9 x 4.4 cm touchpad. Removable keyboard has a price up to 139 USD (about 2.9 million, the original price in the US). Corresponding to the price is a pretty nice design of the keyboard dock: the upper part has a chrome trim strip that complements the elegance of the body, while the lower part is also covered with soft-textured material like the back.

The minus point about the design of the removable keyboard is that you will have to use quite strong force to detach or attach this accessory to the machine. Not only that, decorative chrome strip will create a very uncomfortable feeling when touching the hand.

While the keys are reasonably well laid out, the force feedback of the keyboard is not good. In the test of LaptopMag, the editors only reached 50 words per minute, lower than the average of 55 words per minute for other keyboards. In short, the Venue 11 Pro’s keyboard experience is not good enough for long-term use.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

The touchpad on the keyboard has a better click response force. Users can also use common touch gestures of Windows 8 on the touchpad, but the strange thing is that this touchpad only supports multi-touch gestures only drag-to-zoom. Multitouch gestures such as two-finger swiping or rotation are not supported by the Venue 11 Pro’s touchpad.

The slim keyboard version for the Venue 11 Pro only costs $ 129. Like the Surface 2’s Touch Cover 2 keyboard, the Venue 11 Pro’s thin keyboard has keys that are too flat and a bit more like a cloth than a regular hard keyboard.

In addition, Dell also sells a stylus for the Venue 11 Pro for $ 30.

Desktop dock

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Not only does the keyboard dock, but the Venue 11 Pro also has a desktop dock to increase the number of ports. The Venue 11 Pro’s desktop dock is priced at $ 139, and has a soft-textured design like the body. However, the stand is made of quite sturdy aluminum material to help the machine stand still on the table.

The number of ports provided by the desktop dock is plenty: the front is a USB port and a combined headphone / microphone port. Behind the dock are 2 USB 3.0 ports, a LAN port, a large HDMI port and a DisplayPort port.

The Venue 11 Pro’s desktop dock is easy to disassemble because it uses only one port. You can use a mouse and also attach up to two separate monitors to the Venue 11 Pro via HDMI and DisplayPort, turning this tablet into a small but equally powerful desktop.


Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

With a 2.4 GHz quad-core Atom Z3770 processor and 2 GB of RAM, the Venue 11 Pro can run common office tasks fairly smoothly. You can just watch videos on Netflix, open 6 tabs on Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and scan the system at the same time without any problems.

Venue 11 Pro’s score on Geekbench 3 is 2,692, which is half the 1,805 average of the tablet market. With 1.3 GHz Atom Z3740 quad-core processor, ASUS Transformer Book T100 reaches 2,611, while iPad Air reaches 2,694.

Using a 64GB SSD, the Venue 11 Pro took 20 seconds to boot Windows 8, significantly slower than the average of 16 seconds. Surface 2 took 17 seconds to boot Windows RT, equal to ASUS T100.

In the test file copy, Venue 11 Pro only reached 40.7 MB / sec, slower than the average of 68 MB / sec. The Venue 11 Pro’s speed is quite similar to that of Surface 2 (using eMMC hard drive): 40.4 MB / s and higher than 25 MB / sec of Transformer T100.

In our OpenOffice Spreadsheet Macro test, the Venue 11 Pro took 15 minutes and 46 seconds to match 20,000 names to the address. The average tablet laptop hybrid segment is 16 minutes 22 seconds, while Transformers T100 takes 20 minutes 48 seconds to complete this test.


The front-facing camera of the Venue 11 Pro produces sharp images but a bit dark. Whether you video chat in a bright room or in natural light, the majority of videos and selfies are darker than the light of the environment. Luckily, this 2MP camera is sharp enough to capture every single strand of hair and every strand of wool on a shirt.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

The 8MP rear camera has a lot better image quality: colors are very vibrant at 3264 x 1836 pixel resolution. You can see the camera quality of the Venue 11 Pro in the bouquet photo below.

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Battery life

As a business-oriented tablet, the Venue 11 Pro has a very good battery life: 7:38 on Wi-Fi in our tests. Laptop Mag. When attached to the keyboard, the battery life is up to 15 hours 40 minutes.

Surface 2 only reached 9:19, while iPad Air reached 10:47 on 4G LTE and 11:51 on Wi-Fi. Although there’s no extended battery on the keyboard, the Transformer Book T100 lasts for up to 12 hours 29 minutes.


Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Like most business-oriented computer products, the Venue 11 Pro is free of junk software. In addition to the Modern applications pre-installed on Windows 8 (Mail, Calendar, News, Skype and SkyDrive), Dell also offers additional software Dell Backup and Recovery (backup, data recovery), Digital Delivery (download and software installation), Power Manager (power management with many options).

Configuration options

Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

The version evaluated in the article is the starting price of $ 499 (about 10.5 million) of the Venue 11 Pro with Atom processor Z3770 quad-core 2.4 GHz, 2 GB RAM and 64 GB solid-state hard drive.

Mid-range version with Core i3-4020Y processor clocked at 1.5 GHz, 4 GB RAM and 128 GB hard drive. The price of this version is 799 USD (about 16.8 million).

The most expensive version costs $ 849 (about 17.8 million) of Venue 11 Pro with Core i5-4210Y processor clocked at 1.5 GHz and other components like the $ 799 version.

The price mentioned above is the original price of the product in the US market. You can also buy a keyboard dock, a desktop dock and a stylus for the Venue 11 Pro (see also the respective reviews).


Quick review of Dell Venue 11 tablet hybrid laptop

Venue 11 Pro is a perfect combination of tablet and ultra-portable laptop. With a relatively low starting price, the Venue 11 Pro offers a full Windows 8.1 experience, up to 8 hours of battery life and decent performance – all packed into a stunningly beautiful design. The plus point of the Venue 11 Pro is the number of connected dock options, but if you buy both a keyboard dock and a desktop dock, you will have to spend up to $ 777 (about 16.4 million), equivalent to the price. of some mid-range business laptops like the Latitude E6430.

If you need a low-cost product, you can choose the ASUS Transformer Book T100 with a 10-inch screen and keyboard attached (original price 399 USD – about 8.4 million). The T100 also has a brighter screen and better battery life, but if you’re a business user who needs a laptop-hybrid tablet with a combination of mobility and business capabilities, the Venue 11 Pro is a Good choice for you.

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