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First, I would like to say a few words about the way I review. I am not a reviewer, not a specialist in Audio, but I also research, learn and play a lot from Denon, Tannoy, B&W, Bang & Olufsen, Harman and others. When reviewing which one, I only selected a few familiar songs, all old ones, but because I am familiar and have been testing speakers for all amp from all of them, so I am used to it, testing new ones is not correct and not fairness for previous speakers, amp and headphones

The reviews I do keep the middle level, because I know, "every review is meaningless if you're not fair", but this is the sound, so each person feels, maybe with you, I am the ear or the ear Buffalo, but if I swear anything, I'm ready to become a tai-son (Mike Tyson). ;)

Test tool:

TestHow to test:
The same song, 3 sources for 3 headsets, tried to turn back and forth many times at different volume levels.

  • ABBA – The Day before You Came
  • Jette Torp – Only a Wonman's Heart (disc demo showroom Bang & Olufsen)
  • Tony Braxton – Spanish Guitar
  • Secret Garden – Song for a Stormy Night (this song is very normal, but makes a lot of headphones lose points)

* All headphones are reset to factory default before testing.
* All devices play off EQ, XM3 remove app always, do not adjust EQ.

‍♀️ About the feel of wearing

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AirPods Pro IS LESS THERAPER than older AirPods. Because it has 2 more buffer buttons. With old AirPods, you just "assign" to, is done. With AirPods Pro, "attached" to the ear, it still recognizes it, but is open and easy to drop, you must add a slight rotation to make it tight. However, when doing that rotation, your hand will activate the force sensor always. So I didn't wear all the ears but it already played music.

Wearing feeling quite comfortable, not with the old AirPods, but easier to wear than Sony XM3 (assign, press, rotate).
Conclusion: AirPods> Pro> XM3

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Change earplugs:
Remove hard, need a bit strong force. When I first pulled it out, I was afraid it would break : D

It is easy to attach it, attach it until it hears a small * clik * sound.
***** See more instructions included, do not drag yourself : D *****

‍♂️ Connection:

No one can connect to a good Apple device with an Apple headset! AirPods Pro connection is no different from AirPods.

Android: both AirPods and AirPods Pro are compatible with Android (tested on Galaxy Fold, today). Force sensor still works on Android. Press 1 to stop playback, another to replay, 3 to skip.
*** But do not know for some reason, the ear must have a strange noise separating, repeating continuously about 10 seconds 1 time **** This problem is not on AirPods. I will test it with other Android.

– App on iOS:
No need to install the app. Go to Bluetooth, press the letter i there is a menu for the mode selection (noise canceling, turn off, allow external sound to enter), and there is also a function to test which headphone button you should use. : D

** Connect with iOS 12.1: 12.3 new official support for AirPods Pro. However, I still can connect with 12.1 and still use a few functions, though limited. Please see more pictures.

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About sound quality:

– Compared to AirPods: This part is hard to say. I tried many times, at different volume levels, to finally draw a conclusion.
To be honest, I prefer AirPods. Pro due to noise cancellation, so it is "more", more opaque (more or less, depending on the volume). AirPods sound more rustic, not good, but not bad; The same goes for AirPods Pro, but it is more opaque (more opaque should be warmer). Because it is more ear-tight, the bass also feels a bit stronger. Treble is still a bit dazzling AirPods.

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Compared to XM3:
XM3 is warmer, but the bass is a bit too much (too much, I always use the app to adjust the bass to 1-2 steps), the treble is higher, the sound is clearer, but it is not jarring, it is a complete headset , but not as "rustic" as the AirPods. Like Harman compared to Marshall.
AirPods Pro is not warm, not as rustic as AirPods, but still has its own difference. At high volume it should be fine, at low volume and in the middle of listening very boring, revealing the badness of noise canceling headphones.

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✈️ About noise resistance:

I quickly reviewed it, so I couldn't try the details on the plane or the train, trying in the car was also unfair because I went to Tesla – the electric car didn't have the engine sound, only the sound of the wheel rolling, the ears accompanying the iPhone did not. hear what But when wearing AirPods Pro and XM3, not playing music, AirPods Pro makes me a little headache, anyone who uses noise canceling headphones will know that feeling, there is a slight blow, a little muffled ear. XM3 is much more natural. In addition, when sitting near the air conditioner to test, when not playing music, AirPods Pro still hears the wind from the air conditioner, though very small, XM3 is completely not. I temporarily conclude that noise cancellation on XM3 is better than AirPods Pro.

✋ About the new function Force sensor (force sensor):

Very nice. At first I thought it was a new marketing gimmick, but it was really a force sensor. It will not sound when touched, but when squeezed, there will be a small sound and stop the song.

General conclusions:

  • AirPods Pro is an upgrade of AirPods + added earplugs + noise + Force sensor.
  • I only use noise canceling headphones when traveling, with me, I still choose XM3.
  • Who has AirPods 1, if you often listen at high volume and do not need noise canceling, you don't need to upgrade. (High volume also covers most of the noise already.)
  • If you weigh between AirPods and AirPods Pro: if you need noise cancellation, you should buy AirPods Pro.
  • If you listen to EDM music, floor music, etc: AirPods Pro.
  • Soothing music, melodious music, bolero, etc: AirPods.
  • If interested in sound quality: buy XM3.
  • Review is your own matter, and which one is your own? Like to buy it, each person likes it.

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