Quick review Lenovo Tab 4 8: tablet under 4 million with dual speakers, strange design - VnReview

Quick review Lenovo Tab 4 8: tablet under 4 million with dual speakers, strange design – VnReview

In the face of the proliferation of large-screen smartphones, tablet PCs seem to be getting smaller and getting less attention from both users and manufacturers. However, the tablet still has certain advantages such as wide screen, high battery life, good durability, suitable for reading, browsing, watching movies, entertainment or equipment for young children. study.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 (also known as Lenovo TB-8504X) is one of the notable cheap tablets in the past. The product has a price of only VND 3.69 million but is equipped with good looking design, good configuration, and many interesting features such as dual speakers, velvet-covered backs or children management features.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 is aimed at the popular segment with a price of under VND 4 million

Minimalistic design, new black version

Lenovo Tab 4 8 impresses well with its neat, square design, light and light in size. The edge edges are made reasonable not too thick, optimized for horizontal grip.

The device has a simple, square design, the edges have moderate thickness

The side of the machine is neatly made

Slightly thicker top and bottom edges for optimal grip in the horizontal direction, help to touch the screen

The device is designed in a minimalist way, without any Lenovo logo on the back and front. The black version creates a unique look when the outer shell is covered with a velvety velvet, limiting fouling, increasing aesthetics and is very useful in reducing slippery grip, even for the good ones. hand sweat.

This tablet has a moderate weight and size, weighs about 320 grams and is 8.3 mm thick, making it less stressful to hold long for reading or surfing the web. The body is made of plastic but finished in a seamless polycarbonate style so it feels firm, sturdy, good in impact.

The back surface is simple, do not put any logo or information from the manufacturer

The black version is covered with velvet on the back, creating new strokes, increasing friction, anti-slip very well

Velvet material also limits scratches and dirt

Notably, Lenovo Tab 4 8 is also equipped with dual speakers with large size, arranged at the top and bottom, integrated Dolby Atmos technology promises to bring quality multi-channel effects especially when watching movies, playing game, when holding the device horizontally.

One of the rare tablets in this segment has dual speakers

The loudspeaker is arranged with 2 heads on the bottom, suitable for holding the camera horizontally

The entire connection port is placed in focus on the top with 3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port. This type of design may cause a bit of entanglement when a user has just plugged in a charger or headset while using the device. You can turn on the screen rotation feature and turn the camera upside down to reduce this situation.

The power button and volume up and down keys are all placed next to it, which must have good bounce, easy operation. The merit is that Lenovo has placed the power button in the middle of the camera body, slightly concave and engraved on the rough patterns so it is easy to distinguish with the keys increase or decrease the volume, helping to minimize confusion.

The connection ports are concentrated on the top edge

Volume keys increase and decrease volume and power button accumulates all to the right edge

Power button is made separate and easily distinguishable

Machine also has a tray SIM hybrid arranged next to the left and this is also the place where Lenovo logo appears quite a way. SIM tray can be removed by hand easily, without needing a stick. Users can choose between using 2 SIM or 1 SIM, 1 memory card. Both SIM trays support 4G LTE network, allowing Internet connection and listening to calls, sending SMS messages like smartphones.

The SIM slot and memory card on the left side can be opened easily by hand, without the need for a stick

The device uses a hybrid SIM tray that offers 2 SIM or 1 SIM options, 1 memory card

Bright screen, wide viewing angle, low definition, dual speakers are quite impressive

Equipped with 8-inch IPS LCD screen size, HD resolution (1280 x 800 pixels) at 16:10 ratio, Lenovo Tab 4 8 gives decent display quality. Bright screen, wide viewing angle, good contrast. The colors are neutral, moderate, not too bright, suitable for web browsing, watching videos.

The screen has color, brightness, contrast, good viewing angle but not high definition

However, the resolution is only HD, so the image is not sharp. The 16:10 ratio also makes most popular 16: 9 videos now have 2 small black bars on the bottom and YouTube on the device does not allow zooming to fill the black line as in the smartphone screen 18: 9.

16:10 ratio makes the popular 16: 9 videos now have 2 black bars on the bottom

Dual speaker system is symmetrically arranged on two sides on the bottom, creating a impressive multi-channel stereo effect. The sound of "running" from left to right can be clearly seen and vice versa in action movie scenes or compatible games. The loudspeaker volume is quite large, clear, not glare when maximized. The speakers also incorporate Dolby Atmos sound technology and a set of tools to simulate surround sound, optimizing effects for each movie, music, and gaming task.

Dolby Atmos tool comes to fine tune sound according to specific needs

Medium quality camera

The 5 MP rear camera and 2 front MP of Lenovo Tab 4 8 are not the strength of this tablet model. Although the camera application has all the advanced features such as HDR shooting, exposure compensation or white balance, images in good lighting conditions still only provide medium quality, detail, low definition, light color. , the light band is narrow and the brightness is often much lower than reality. In general, the camera of the device is only suitable for video calls via Facebook and Zalo with friends and relatives, does not require high quality.

5MP rear-view rear camera with medium quality

Camera interface with full advanced options like HDR

Photos taken in automatic mode

Photo taken in HDR mode

Some photos taken from Lenovo 5MP main camera 4 8

Selfie photo from 2MP camera in front

Performance to meet the basic needs, soft software

In terms of parameters with Snapdragon 425 processor, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory and external memory card slot supporting up to 64 GB, Lenovo Tab 4 8 has almost the same configuration as the Xiaomi Redmi 5A ever cult cult earlier this year. HD resolution screen plus almost pure Google software on Android 7.1 Nougat platform helps Lenovo Tab 4 8 get quite good performance. The device offers relatively fast response speed, application opening operations, multitasking switching smoothly.

Lenovo Tab 4 8 performance score when measured by AnTuTu

The internal memory is more than 10 GB free, which is enough to install basic applications. If you need to install multiple games, applications, you can invest more microSD memory card to expand storage capacity for the device. With HD screen, configuration of Lenovo Tab 4 8 fully meet the familiar titles like the Mobile Alliance, Crossfire: Legends at the level of high graphics settings, and only proved "exhausted" when carrying the Heavy games like Dead Trigger 2 and Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade.

The device is more than 10 GB free for users to install software, store data

To optimize the device for the whole family to use, the Lenovo Tab 4 8 offers multi-user features and a separate children's mode. Multi-user mode allows creating multiple accounts on the machine. Each account will have its own settings, passwords, applications, not related to each other for easy management and decentralization.

Meanwhile, in child mode, parents can set up a separate area for children, control content suitable for children, and schedule to turn on and turn off the time to use the device and the administration interface. manage content to control what children watch or play on the device.

The battery is enough to use all day

With a battery capacity of 4,850 mAh and the configuration is not too strong, Lenovo Tab 4 8 can last all day with high intensity, 7 to 8 hours of screen time (onscreen). The only point to note is that the charger according to the machine has a low steam capacity of only 5V – 1.5A, so the charging time is long, takes about 3 hours.

Moderately configurable with a large capacity battery makes the Lenovo Tab 4 8 able to withstand a day of high usage


At the price of under VND 4 million currently, users do not have many genuine tablet options. Lenovo Tab 4 8 is one of the rare products in this segment that is equipped with many interesting features such as dual speakers, designed with square, velvet, new and rugged appearance. The device also has a stable configuration, enough to meet basic needs, light gaming. The drawback of the Tab 4 8 is that the screen resolution is not high, just stopping at HD, the amount of 2GB RAM has started to become inadequate and the average quality camera, only suitable for video call calls .


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