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The smartphone phase becomes an indispensable device for consumers, which also marks the decline of the compact camera market. Most users choose a smartphone with better shooting quality, instead of a camera that only has one function.

Camera manufacturers must also be aware of this fact, and they need to find a different direction for handheld cameras: offer high-end compact models, with deep adjustment and good image quality . Besides, many models are also supplemented with extra features such as controlling / sharing photos via WiFi, sharing directly on social networks … almost like on smartphones, making the camera become versatile than.

The PowerShot G5 X is Canon's latest high-end compact camera, recently introduced in Vietnam at the end of 2015. In addition to the familiar features of the Gx series such as large sensors, ergonomically designed for comfortable feeling. When shooting, the camera also has a hot shoe to mount the flash despite the built-in flash and electronic viewfinder, worthy of inheriting the previous cameras of the G. series.


Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

The design of the G5 X features a nostalgic design, reminiscent of film cameras with straight lines on the camera body, magnesium material incorporating faux leather and electronic viewfinder. The appearance of this machine creates a more unique and professional feel than the previous models of the G. series.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

The size of G5 X is quite large with a compact machine, with grip, so holding the device firmly

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Machine is quite big to put into pants pocket

The actual size of the G5 X is also quite large, close to a mirrorless camera (mirrorless) and not as compact as the G9 X introduced at the same time. With a moderate size and a large and thick grip, the G5 X feels very comfortable to hold, but you will need a separate carrying case and can't put it in your pocket.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Buttons on the back

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Rotation adjusts the exposure compensation mode and shooting mode

In addition to the grip feeling, another factor that makes us comfortable when taking photos is the number and layout of buttons, rotation. In terms of quantity, G5 X has a lot: the machine has a total of 5 revolutions and many buttons. The rings and buttons are also reasonably arranged: the rear dial, front (below the camera button) and on the lens allow you to adjust important parameters without having to take your eyes off the tube. contemplate. Dedicated button makes video recording on G5 X faster, more convenient.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

In addition, the machine also has a rotation in the position of the right index finger and rotation on a customizable lens

The screen of G5 X offers convenience when shooting, thanks to its versatile rotation and flip capabilities, which helps users to aim and shoot at difficult angles or even support selfie. The control buttons, on-screen menus of the device are also reasonable in size, easy to use with touch. The hot shoe foot above the viewfinder is complementary to help the device to mount a removable flash, next to the flash toad available.

Parameters and auxiliary features

G5 X is equipped with a 1-inch BSI-CMOS sensor, with a resolution of 20.2 megapixels. It uses DIGIC 6 processor chip, with ISO range from 125 to 12800. G5 X supports RAW 14bit video output, Full HD video recording at 60fps.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Touch screen helps to select focus point, adjust faster

The lens of the machine has a magnification of 4.2x, equivalent to a 24-100mm aperture. The aperture opening corresponds to the f / 1.8 – f / 2.8, and is also integrated with the IS anti-vibration system. The maximum time to open a password is 30 seconds (Tv, M and Manual Movie modes).

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

WiFi feature allows to control by smartphone, share photos via phone

In terms of features, the G5 X has both universal connections, NFC and WiFi, allowing users to connect their smartphones to the camera to control and retrieve images from the card, with the connection button located on the side of the phone very fast. Canon Image Gateway service helps to connect cameras with large photo and social storage services like Flickr, Facebook …

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Electronic viewfinder is a valuable addition

The G5 X's electronic viewfinder is of high quality thanks to a resolution of up to 2.36 million pixels, bright display and fast response speed, no shock even when panning quickly. However, when you use it for the first time, you may have to adjust it slightly in the viewfinder to have a color similar to the color of the LCD screen.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

The flip screen is forward and its own shooting mode supports "selfie" photos.

Like on the phone, the G5 X also has a mode dedicated to shooting "selfie". The device will automatically beautify the face of the photographer, and you can observe directly when rotating the screen to the front.

Evaluate the quality of photography

Photography experience: battery speed and time

On G5 X, you can choose continuous focus and subject tracking (tracking), autofocus and focus according to points (you can choose by rotation or press on the screen). It also supports manual focusing with the Peak Focus feature (marking the image area in the focus area).

PowerShot G5 X sample image

The focus speed of G5 X is fast, even when shooting in a dark environment, but the accuracy is not excellent: when the light is poor, in many cases the alarm is in focus but when shooting, the point needs to be out of focus. When shooting outdoors, the light is strong, the ability to focus on the camera does not matter.

It supports exporting RAW files with high quality, but the speed of RAW image file saving is quite slow, even when using SD card with Class 10 memory card. If shooting in JPEG mode only, the camera saves much faster.

Review the Canon PowerShot G5 X

Battery life is a G5 X point that needs improvement

The battery life of the G5 X is quite "drowsy". In normal shooting mode, the camera only takes about 200 shots before the battery runs out. If you turn on Eco battery saver mode, the duration is improved, taking about 300 shots but still low. In addition to the battery charger, you can also plug the charger through the popular MicroUSB port, but the charging speed through this port is slow and when charging you can only view the image, not capture.

Photo quality

PowerShot G5 X sample image

The G5 X focal range is from 24-100mm, which is about enough to meet the needs from street shooting to portraits. The maximum aperture of f / 1.8 is achieved at the 24mm focal length, and from 55mm the maximum aperture is f / 2.8. At an aperture of f / 2.8, the device can still produce "remove fonts" images that blur the background, highlighting impressive subjects. The buoyancy, detail of the object is also well expressed.

Due to the size limitation, the optical quality of the lens is not good when opening the aperture and maximum zoom: when shooting at a focus of 100mm and f / 2.8, the image is usually not sharp at the edges. This can be overcome by closing down the aperture.

PowerShot G5 X sample image

PowerShot G5 X sample image

PowerShot G5 X sample image

JPEG images from G5 X are processed so the sharpness is high, showing good detail. The bright range of the image is wide and the ability to balance white is good, so the image has the correct color. The drawback is that the machine does not adjust white balance according to the K level, but allows to compensate according to the basic colors: Luc, Lam, Red, Yellow, so it will take a while to get used to.

PowerShot G5 X sample image

Image taken at ISO 800, noise is still acceptable

PowerShot G5 X sample image

Compare when taking the same scene at different ISO levels (click on the image to view it at a larger size)

The G5 X also has good noise reduction at high ISO levels. At ISO levels below 400, images are very clear and highly detailed. The noise starts to appear at ISO 800, but not much and is only apparent when zooming, illuminating images at maximum size. At ISO 1600 noise is still well controlled, accompanied by a steady light band. Noise starts to appear at ISO 6400. It supports a maximum ISO level of 12800, but it is probably only necessary if you have to capture images in very poor lighting conditions.

PowerShot G5 X sample image

Also include the ability to effectively counter vibration on the G5 X. The picture was taken at a rate of 1 second, but the image did not shake. Usually you can shoot at a speed of about 1-2 stops without any problems.

In general, besides the focus to improve, the image quality of the G5 X is very convincing.


The G5 X is a fairly comprehensive upgrade of the G7 X. The camera body has an additional grip to hold it more firmly when shooting. Electronic viewfinder and rotating screen are also necessary additions to a professional compact.

Although there are many advantages, the price of the device will make many users confused. With the price of 18.48 million VND of G5 X, ordinary users can buy a full set of DSLR including camera body, pipe kit and cheap fix tube; If it is compact, it can also buy a set of mirrorless cameras and mid-range lenses. However, if you already own a professional or higher DSLR camera and want a spare compact, the Canon PowerShot G5 X is a very suitable product.


+ Professional design, convenient control with multiple buttons and rotation

+ Add efficient electronic viewfinder, useful rotating touch screen

+ Good image quality

+ Features to connect, control and share photos via WiFi


– Battery life is not good

– Save RAW images slowly

– Do not record 4K videos

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