Quick review Canon EOS 800D: choose bright price for newbies - VnReview

Quick review Canon EOS 800D: choose bright price for newbies – VnReview

Beginners familiar with photography, DSLR are probably no stranger to Canon's new line of products with a 3-digit code name (xxxD). With basic and important features that are cheap, this is the choice of many people when starting to take photos.

After nearly two years from EOS 750D / 760D, Canon introduced a new 3-digit DSLR model with many impressive upgrades. EOS 800D, newly launched in Vietnam, possesses significant upgrades compared to the previous generation, including the new image processor (DIGIC 7), Dual Pixel CMOS AF focusing system with 45 points in double cross (compared to 19 points in the previous generation), continuous shooting speed is increased to 6 frames per second, anti-electronic vibration when recording video, adding wireless connections …

It can be seen that many of the above parameters make EOS 800D almost equivalent to the Canon EOS 80D, Canon's semi-professional model launched in 2016. That shows that Canon has brought significant upgrades to 800D for collection. attracted newcomers, who are wondering between mirrorless models (mirrorless) or smartphones with relatively good imaging capabilities.

Here are some experiences of VnReview after a short time using Canon EOS 800D camera. The product is currently sold at a reference price of VND 18 million (camera body), VND 21.5 million (camera body with EFS 18-55 IS STM lens) and VND 27.5 million (camera body with EFS lens 18). -135 IS STM).

Design: compact body, enough function buttons

EOS 800D has a compact, lightweight design

EOS 800D owns a compact, familiar design for Canon's 3-digit line. Although still slightly larger than many mirrorless machines, 800D is still a compact, portable camera with a body weight of only 532g. Moderate size and weight also make it easier for female users to hold and manipulate.

Rotating knob choose shooting mode and deep grip, firm hand

The most outstanding of 800D is the deep grip, very firm grip. When gradually changing to high quality, heavy and longer lenses, this will be an important point to help users not be "asymmetric" when manipulating.

800D added a shortcut button to connect to WiFi

Memory card slot on the right side

The remaining connection ports are located on the left side

Material body is mainly aluminum alloy and plastic bearing, plus harmonized synthetic skin on the front. The machine is arranged with a mode selector knob on the top, with a lot of buttons on the camera body. The newly added button is WiFi, allowing quick access to wireless connectivity. The other buttons are basically the same as the 760D, enough to adjust without taking your eyes off the viewfinder.

Screen rotation, flip helps capture at difficult angles, as well as can selfie

The 3-inch LCD screen on this camera can be rotated, flipped in enough dimensions, allowing users to view images even if they have to raise the device, set it low or even take a selfie. Touch capability also makes operation a lot simpler.

Overall, 800D retains a firm design philosophy like previous generations. This is a familiar design of mid-range DSLRs, mainly emphasizing on simplicity of use rather than dense layout of feature buttons like high-end models. 800D is only inferior to the 760D in the secondary monitor to monitor the information. Maybe Canon wants to use the EOS 77D, with a more advanced orientation to replace the 760D. EOS 800D is aimed at new users, so the company has integrated enough basic functions and controls, and also installed its own interface for new people to easily capture photography techniques.

Easy to use interface, wireless connection is not "good"

Once the device is turned on for the first time, 800D users will be greeted by a very new and simple interface. This tutorial interface is enabled by default, helping users understand how changes will affect the final image. Not only is this introduction, these guidelines can really help newbies capture concepts when shooting. If you don't like this interface, you can turn it off in the settings.

The connection is not friendly but the smartphone control application on the smartphone is quite functional

However, in terms of wireless connection, Canon's camera is not very friendly. Although it supports connecting with QR or Bluetooth code, I still have to try many times to connect from smartphone to camera. The later use is much simpler: the software interface that allows control to take pictures and take photos from the memory card is also very simple.

Canon integrates the ability to upload photos and videos directly to social networks like Facebook and YouTube without the need for smartphones thanks to the Canon Image Gateway application. However, in actual use, compared to having to register for an account and logging on each social network, it is more convenient to get photos to your phone to upload.

Shooting experience: very fast focus, shooting too

The most noticeable improvement on the 800D is the Dual Pixel focusing system. This is the first applied technology on the EOS 80D, in which every pixel can be used for phase-focusing (for ordinary sensors, only about 5% of the pixels are used for focusing). The number of focus points also increased more than 2 times, up to 45 points.

The fast focusing speed makes 800D able to capture action and sports at a good level

This results in a very fast focusing speed. Not only is the focus accurate, the definition system on 800D can also follow the subject and change the focus point by touching the screen very quickly. This difference becomes even more pronounced when you shoot with a Live View rather than a viewfinder. The focus speed with the screen is nearly the same as when looking through the viewfinder, and the convenience is much higher. This is also a point to help new photographers, familiar with touch and focus on smartphones can make it easier to get used to.

The video explains Canon's "Dual Pixel CMOS AF" system

DIGIC 7 image processing chip is equipped on 800D to help processing speed, save images smoothly. In good lighting conditions, the device achieves a speed of 6 frames per second and when used with a high-speed SD memory card, the device does not have to wait to process and save RAW image files when shooting continuously.

Another valuable addition is the ability to resist electronic vibration when shooting videos. This feature helps to stabilize the image quite well even when shooting without a stand. The maximum recording resolution is Full HD, 60fps is suitable for common needs. For users who just started filming, 800D is also a reasonable choice.

In actual use while shooting and reviewing, the 800D battery captures about 400 times per charge

With the LP-E17 battery, 800D easily captures more than 400 images for each battery charge. This is the actual number when we use the main screen to take photos, shoot some short videos and review the images. According to the manufacturer's specifications, if you only use the viewfinder, it can capture up to 600 shots for a single charge, superior to other DSLRs of the same price range.

Image quality

The general criteria for image quality, 800D meet from a good level. The metering is quite stable, automatic white balance works well even when shooting indoors, under complex lights.

Photos taken from 800D at different ISO levels

The noise processing capability of DIGIC 7 chip is very good. When pushing ISO to 6400, the noise level of the image is still acceptable. It supports pushing ISO automatically up to 51200, but if you don't shoot in too dark conditions, you don't need to push the ISO so high.

With the flip screen, 800D can also be used to take selfie photos with good quality


Canon has made a strong comeback in the basic DSLR segment with EOS 800D. Integrated with a range of new technologies, this camera delivers unexpected fast-focusing speeds in the low-cost, good-noise processing and stable image quality. The new user-friendly interface and the easy to use touch screen of this DSLR model will also make it easy for users to get used to and use.

Besides the elements from the camera body, the EOS 800D also has another advantage: Canon's low-priced, high-quality lenses, such as the EF 50mm f / 1.8 STM or 40mm f / 2.8 are all fix tubes (one focal length). ) good at below 4 million price range. This is an advantage for new users, who are unable to invest much money in both the camera body and the lens.

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