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Quick experience iOS 13 Beta 2: A few small changes

I recently updated iOS 13 beta 2 early this morning and I will share small changes as well as fix bugs in the first beta. I also recommend that if anyone is in iOS 13 beta 1, it is recommended to update to this beta 2.
Note: When downloading must use the iPhone's Safari browser, not to pop up via the Google Drive application, must use the link to download Google Drive in iPhone Safari too.

Report changes on iOS 13 Beta 2:

  • Sharing files via SMB (Server Message Block) already on iPhone: sharing data via local network using SMB protocol – you can easily log in to the SMB file server to access and manage remote data .
  • tvOS 13 supports "picture in picture" Picture in picture
  • Setting up Downtime will be synchronized to Apple Watch.
  • Adjust the color and look of the Calendar application
  • The Camera's Portrait mode has a slider to customize the intensity for lighting effects and has a new option of High-Key Light Mono Lighting.
  • The new sticker for Memoji includes: finger gestures attached to memoji like Hi with 2 fingers, cross-fingers, v-sign that are thinking, raise your finger to silence, …
  • Improve "Today" pinning feature on iPadOS main screen
  • Voice Control when active will have a small microphone icon in the upper left corner
  • New sound effects when using Tapback in Messages
  • Select All returns to the mail application
  • Adding options to send replies immediately without confirmation in Annouce Messages with Siri
  • New features of Apple Maps: Look Around, Favorite Places, Siri Suggestion (However, as mentioned, markets outside the US must wait until next year, so if you don't have it, don't be weird)


Control Center

At Beta 1 we cannot emphasize or 3D Touch on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, … To display Airdrop and Personal Hotspot, requiring us to press the center position in the icons. Now that Beta 2 has fixed this error, we can press it in every corner like before.

Portrait portrait of white background

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Taking a portrait with an option called "High-Key Light Mono" helps us capture a white background, which is next to the Mono Stage Light (black-and-white black-and-white image) in the Camera.

Note only available for iPhone XR, Xs and Xs Max. Thereby we can change the aperture (f) to adjust the font blur in real time before shooting. No need to finish shooting the new edit as before.
Change the language on the application

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Default applications on devices such as Notes, camera, iBooks, Podcast, … will allow us to change the language separately for each application. By going to Settings – select the application – select Language.

Previously these applications had to depend on the device language. Now you can only change in the application.
Keep track of quick application subscriptions

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You go to Settings – select Apple ID – this will display the subscriptions for the apps you have been paying (Subscription). This makes us control faster without having to go through many steps as before.

The more diverse Memoji Stickers

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You check in iMessage – in Memoji Stickers, beta 2 has updated more emotion stickers for us to use. This sticker is made of Memoji that you have done before, not only for iMessage but you can use it for any messaging application.

Scrolling wallpaper

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You notice when rotating or tilting the device will see the new wallpaper of iOS 13 moving slowly, like a liquid.

Read SBM file (Server Message Block)

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It is now possible to read files copied from external USB in the Files (Files) application. However, for Data that is too large (about 512GB or more), it cannot display Thumbnails, must click on each file to view.

Siri responded well

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I use AirPods 2 and call Siri on Beta 1 very difficult, sometimes I won't respond. However iOS 13 beta 2 has overcome, I have "Hey Siri" back, still as fast as before in iOS 12.2.

If you are using AirPods 2 (2019), test the response speed when calling "Hey Siri"!

About the battery

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There was only one morning, so I didn't want to have a thorough evaluation of the battery, but I noticed that the battery dropped quite quickly. While I just capture the screen of the above features to put in the article. From 69% to 48% in just about 1 hour. I think it's no better than Beta 1.

I will update this post after 1 day of using the battery for more details.

Invite you to share more experiences at: Tinhte.vn/ios


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