Quick assessment of Durgod V104s mechanical keyboard: The new power of the village keys? - VnReview

Quick assessment of Durgod V104s mechanical keyboard: The new power of the village keys? – VnReview

There is no flashy design, the highlight of the mechanical keyboard V104s comes from Durgod Chinese brand is giving users the best typing experience – at the most competitive price possible.

Durgod is a brand that is still quite new, only officially entered the Vietnamese market at the end of 2018, but previous Durgod keyboard products like Taurus K320, K310 all received positive reviews. from the foreign community. Recently, Chinese technology company has introduced 4 new mechanical keyboard models, respectively V87, V87s, V104 and V104s so that users have more choices of "keystrokes" in the new year has come. .

VnReview's review product today is the most advanced version of V104s out of 4 models, with 104 keys and equipped with RGB LEDs. The keyboard is now genuine distributed by Ninza Vietnam with a listed price of VND 2.6 million.

Simple design, good typing feeling

Durgod V104s' box is not too picky with masculine blue tones, on the front is the image of the keyboard with the Durgod logo and the keyboard code name in the two corners of the box. The back of the box is some information about Durgod as well as the keyboard factory information. Inside the box, Durgod offered a keyboard dust cover and a "whisk" keypuller, quite attentive.

Durgod V104s has a basic, neat layout with 104 keys, without macro keys or private media keys. The Durgod logo is located in the upper right corner of the keyboard, and just below the white lock indicator, it is almost impossible to be simpler.

The underside of the Durgod V104s does not have a wire track, the slip-resistant rubber feet are quite small and the keyboard lift is only one step. In addition, it is difficult to understand that Durgod V104s' connection cord is a straight line, rather than a loose wire like the Taurus K320, which is considerably cheaper (Durgod even donated 2 cables in the Taurus K320) and no It is covered even though it looks "thin" Durgod V104s USB connector is not gold plated, so after a period of use it may rust. This may be the point that Durgod had to trade on the V104s to lower the price.

The cover of the keyboard is made of plastic but quite solid, without feeling rickety. Sandpaper textures significantly reduce the state of sticking sweat and fingerprints, which is a plus compared to the other black keyboards I've ever experienced before.

The V104s in the article of VnReview use Cherry MX Blue switch from Cherry manufacturer from Germany. In addition to Blue, V104s also have Red and Brown versions for users to choose from. According to the manufacturer's information, Cherry MX Blue Switch has a lifespan of up to 50 million clicks, with clicky and tactile, 50g force. Remarkably, the switch of the V104s has been lube-ready to make the key journey smoother, eliminating the "crunchy" feeling of dirt in the switch when typing.

Although I have never encountered the "crunch" situation above, but when the actual experience, it is true that Durgod V104s' key journey feels smoother, but the difference is only evident when you There is another keyboard next to it for a parallel experience. For general users, they are more likely to not recognize this difference. Perhaps it will be more pronounced after the keyboard has been used for a long time, like a motor oil is oiled and not oiled.

Because of the MX Blue clicky switch, Durgod V104s has a loud noise when typing. In the office environment, the noise level of the keys is enough to make people around uncomfortable, this is a point that users need to consider especially. The experience of typing Durgod V104s as well as gaming is great, I still believe that the Cherry MX Blue switch is the best switch for newcomers to enter the mechanical world so they can understand the value. of mechanical keys compared to traditional rubber keyboard.

Keycap is a bright spot of Durgod V104s. Made from PBT plastic material, the characters of the keyboard are printed doubleshot instead of laser engraving like some of iKBC's keyboards, so there is no word flying or blurring after a long time of use. PBT plastic also outperforms ABS in its ability to resist sweat, keycap helps not to shine. The biggest weakness of PBT plastic is more difficult to produce, so the cost of the product will be pushed up slightly.

Keycap of Durgod V104s is well finished, with little extra detail. Keycap thickness is at a relative level, the surface is smoothed to feel good contact with fingertips. The keycap's font is quite neat but still bears the mark that this is the font of a keyboard from China.

The housing part of the switch is made of transparent plastic, and LEDs are placed underneath the switch instead of being placed in the housing as many other mechanical keyboards. The weakness of this design is that the light passing through the keycap will be less, causing the brightness to be not as high as the ones on LED housing, but in return, the light will spill out on the outer edge of the keycap, plus keycap. The V104s is made slightly taller than the keys, the LED system of the keyboard becomes quite "sparkling", especially in a dark room.

Limited features, not much customization

The LED mode of Durgod V104s is quite small, with 10 preset modes and two custom modes for users to set up themselves. By default, two custom modes will only highlight MOBA keys for two games, Dota 2 and League of Legends.

Durgod's custom software does not support the V104s

In the accompanying instruction paper, it is noted that Durgod V104s supports Multimedia shortcut keys

A big minus point of Durgod V104s is that it has no control software, you will have to set everything via the Fn (Function) key. Durgod has Zeus Engine software, but it is unclear for whatever reason it does not support the V104s yet (Durgod's homepage has not updated these new V series). Also, in the manual, it says that the V104s integrate shortcut keys for media features, but don't say what those key clusters are. In fact, I don't see any media key icon printed on keycap.


Although it is a relatively new name, Durgod has shown that they are willing to play "fair" with other brands that have become popular in Vietnam such as iKBC or Ducky. Without a flashy design, Durgod V104s focuses on its user experience, and it can be said to be a reasonable strategy. Using the high-end Cherry MX switch that has been lube available to users, PBT keycap and high quality overall finish and a fairly comfortable price, Durgod V104s is fully capable of becoming a new force in the Vietnamese key market. .

However, it is difficult to say that Durgod V104s is a perfect keyboard, when it still exists the point of worthless. No / no control software, uninterrupted cable, cable not plated with gold and no media shortcut keys are completely fixable if Durgod cares for his product than. After all, Durgod is still a "newcomer", and the advantages of V104s are really enough for users to ignore those weaknesses.


+ Good processing quality, sturdy

+ The typing experience is carefully cared for

+ Keycap PBT doubleshot, not being shadowed over time

+ Reasonable price


– No control software

– Cable connected seamlessly, without protecting umbrella

– No media shortcut keys

– LED system is not really outstanding

Hoan Dang

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