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Quick, access to blocked websites on Hotspot Shield


What if your favorite website is blocked for an unknown reason, you don’t need to care about it because you can completely access, the blocked web on Hotspot Shield will be fast. more, much more convenient.

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With Hotspot Shield software, you do not need to open a browser like Firefox, Chrome … but you can access the blocked web on hotspot shield such as Youtube, Facebook with just one click. This is a very useful feature on Hotspot Shield, which many people appreciate for its mobility. When you click on these icons, Firefox browser will open on your computer and go directly to those websites with Sites Unblocked mode.

instructions for accessing, to access the web are blocked on hotspot shield

Step 1: Open Hotspot Shield on the computer.

quick access to web bi chan

Step 2: Click on icons such as Youtube, Facebook, HBO, Twitter … are very familiar.

quick access to web bi chan

Step 3: Firefox browser will appear and go directly to web pages, eg Youtube.

quick access to web bi chan

Click on the icon Facebook then this web site will also be opened in the next tab.

quick access to web bi chan

Click HBO This website is also opened next.

quick access to web bi chan

You can press the arrow keys to go to the web page which is unlocked by Hotspot Shield.

quick access to web bi chan

This utility is quite interesting on Hotspot Shield, and competitors like Ultrasurf are not supported with this fast website access feature. Another plus point of Hotspot Shield compared to Ultrasurf and other competitors is that this software can be used on both Windows and mobile operating systems. You can easily Fake IP on your phone and access blocked websites just like on a computer.
If you no longer need to access blocked websites, you can also turn off VPN on Hotspot Shield. Turning off VPN on Hotspot Shield is to speed up the network access. You will easily surf the web, read newspapers, download files faster when the software is turned off.



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