'Queen of Iron Man' Kim Jung-hyun, hard carry with a breath-stopping ending

‘Queen of Iron Man’ Kim Jung-hyun, hard carry with a breath-stopping ending

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Kim Jung-hyun, playing the role of Cheoljong in tvN’s Saturday and Sunday drama’Queen Cheoling’ / Photo = TVN Saturday and Sunday drama’Queen Iron Man’ broadcast screen capture

Actor Kim Jung-hyun left a deep impression on viewers with a heavy presence that takes the center of the play in’The Queen of Iron Man’.

Kim Jung-hyun, who was parted as an iron bell in the tvN Saturday drama’Queen Iron Man’, which aired on the 6th and 7th, amplified the tension and curiosity of viewers as he faced a shock reversal before his eyes. Kim Jung-hyun is playing a great role as a dark horse in the play, capturing the sense of tension and presence in the midst of showing a chewy development by showing a completely assimilated acting as an iron bell. Kim Jung-hyun reveals a strong presence every time by radiating cold eyes and force as well as gaze smoke and emotional acting that cause excitement.

Cheoljong (played by Kim Jeong-hyun) struggles to find a way to relieve the woman’s heart to soothe pregnant Kim So-yong (played by Shin Hye-seon) in despair. Cheoljong asked for advice from others, but when he saw that he only responded incorrectly, he showed his self-awareness, saying, “I am the one who knows the woman best.”

Afterwards, Cheoljong asked to spend time with him saying that he would give him freedom, what he likes and wants the most, and conveyed his honest heart with a deeper heart and eyes. Cheoljong showed resolute appearance, saying that it should not be taken lightly, fearing that the rumors of use would be deposed as a problem. Cheoljong discovered the Nine and showed their affection to show that they had no problem with their affection, giving viewers excitement and laughter.

Cheoljong listens to the story of Kim Byung-in (played by Na In-woo) that the ministers have targeted good, and asks for a way to seek the good. Cheoljong left a long way away from the story of Byeongin who asked him to directly punish his brother, and said, “I will carry everyone,” in order to protect the people. Cheoljong confronts a soldier with a knife to kill himself in a dark night, and escapes with a severe wound in his arm. Cheoljong jumped down the cliff to avoid the eyes of the soldiers after him, and the Great King (Bae Jong-ok), who heard the news, greeted the rapid advancement of his death.

Afterwards, Cheoljong was fortunately discovered by a herbalist and opened his eyes, but he did not hide his guard against the mysterious appearance of the herbalist. Cheoljong presented an unexpected’reversal’ unfolding late at night from an herbalist’s note, raising viewers’ curiosity about whether Cheoljong was alive or dead.

Kim Jung-hyun is receiving favorable reviews from viewers by depicting the emotions of the characters that change each time with meticulous expression. Kim Jung-hyun is drawing attention by taking the role of King Cheoljong with two faces and detailing the emotions of contrasting characters. In particular, Kim Jung-Hyun completes all scenes by unraveling the narrative of the role played by his deep acting skills in three dimensions.

Kim Jung-hyun has demonstrated a solid performance in acting by expressing in detail the emotions of the character with rich emotional acting and sadness and determination than anyone else. Kim Jung-hyun is maximizing the level of immersion in the play by densely drawing characters with various emotions, and making the play more abundant with his strong acting power. Amidst the unpredictable development, expectations are gathering about how Kim Jong-hyun will lead the play.

Reporter Lee Kyung-ho sky@mtstarnews.com

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