Sforum - Latest technology information page Qualcomm-phat-trien-chip-moi-1 Qualcomm is developing a new Wear 429 Snapdragon chipset for wristwatches

Qualcomm is developing a new Wear 429 Snapdragon chipset for wristwatches

According to a new report from WinFuture, Qualcomm is preparing a new chipset for smartwatch because the current processor, Wear 3100, cannot convince watchmakers.

The new chip is expected to be called "Snapdragon Wear 429" or "Snapdragon Wear 2700", built on the 12nm process and integrated with 64-bit Cortex-A53 CPU.

According to the Phone Arena page, comparing those specifications to the Wear 3100 chip (developed under the 28nm process and integrated with 4 Crotex-A7 cores), Qualcomm's new chip is expected to use many transistors. more, faster processing and less energy consumption than its predecessor.

Sforum - Latest technology information page Qualcomm-phat-trien-chip-moi-2 Qualcomm is developing new Snapdragon Wear 429 chipset for wristwatches

The report also said Qualcomm is testing Snapdragon Wear 429 chip with a configuration of 1GB RAM LPDDR3 and 8GB of eMMC storage. The chip is said to include a power-saving feature, sending some tasks to chips or cores with lower power to save battery power. Highly capable Wear 429 will be based on the Snapdragon 429 mobile platform (also uses 12nm process and has Cortex-A53 cores). And based on the similarity between the two chipsets, Wear 429 can run at a maximum clock speed of 2GHz, much higher than the 1.2GHz clock on Wear 3100.

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