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Qingdao Cultural Textbook Publishing House launched YAMAHA “FJR1300P” finished model

The 1:12 scale motorcycle model series of Qingdao Cultural Teaching Material Society that can perfectly reproduce the texture of the realistic car without any combination of paintings. It is very suitable for people who have no time or are not good at painting. This series only needs to be taken out of the packaging. For display, no assembly or painting is required; this time the YAMAHA FJR1300P police version is launched.

The actual FJR1300P police version is based on the FJR1300A, YAMAHA’s flagship station wagon, and is equipped with YCC-T (Electronic Throttle Control System) and TCS (Tracking Control System).

As for the difference between the FJR1300P police version model and the YAMAHA FJR1300A launched in July, the YAMAHA FJR1300P uses new parts to restore the details and texture of the locomotive, such as red lamps representing the police, speaker, single seat cushion, saddle box, and files The handle height is also higher than that of the standard one on one side. The special switch details are also very detailed. The total length is about 180mm. The front wheel and rear suspension are movable. A display stand is also included. It is expected to be in this year (2020) 9 It will be sold in September.

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