Qian Xiaohao brought another zombie film with a box office of 4.6 million in 9 days. The director is an old acquaintance of "Bright Sword"

Qian Xiaohao brought another zombie film with a box office of 4.6 million in 9 days. The director is an old acquaintance of “Bright Sword”

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On the screen, the zombie film starring Lin Zhengying left a deep impression on many viewers. The image of Uncle Jiu is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Even after many years, I recalled the fear after watching the zombie film in my childhood, but I still have lingering fears.

With the death of Lin Zhengying, zombie movies have also declined. Only Qian Xiaohao, who played the role of the apprentice “Autumn Life”, has always adhered to this type of movie. Recently, another new work has been released.

Net University’s “Mr. Supreme’s Golden Cicada Gu” went online for 9 days and won a box office of 4.6 million based on Qian Xiaohao’s popularity. As the sequel to “Mr. Supreme”, it still continues the cast of the previous movie, played by Qian Xiaohao Mao Shanhao corresponds to the nine uncles, while apprentices Qiusheng and Wencai copy classic roles.

For such a big Internet, there are mixed opinions from the audience. Some people pay for their feelings and praise and support Qian Xiaohao for his perseverance. Some netizens bluntly say that Qian Xiaohao eats Lin Zhengying’s old book, saying that this is a bad movie that cannot be saved. .

Judging from the details of the movie poster alone, this sequel is too rich in money, and it directly applies the poster image of the previous movie, adding four words under the original movie name, which is obviously lack of sincerity.

Looking at the plot again, the new film is full of traces of Lin Zhengying’s classic works. The so-called tribute has become a boring imitation. It is even more difficult to accept Lin Zhengying as a sensational drama.

Of course, “Golden Cicada Gu” is not useless, and the two highlights are particularly prominent.

The first is the special effects in the play. Don’t look at it as a small-cost production that does not flow into the network, but in terms of visual effects, it is a bloodbath. The halo, shape and color of many scenes are quite similar to those of “Avengers”. Sense, cool and cool visual effects give the movie a lot of points.

But after all, the cost is limited, and there are not all special effects comparable to “Reunion” in the film, and the final big boss has a rough picture quality.

Another highlight is the film director Zhang Wei. His role in the classic TV series “Bright Sword” is one of the few characters in the show who can suppress Li Yunlong, which is impressive.

After disappearing in front of the screen for many years, he did not expect him to become the director of the Internet University. It was indeed a bit unexpected.

Relying on these two highlights alone, Qian Xiaohao’s Internet drama still cannot make all old viewers buy it. For example, there are messages under the film questioning that he is short of money, and some voices say that the glory of the zombie film is gone. , To persuade Qian Xiaohao not to take Lin Zhengying’s money anymore.

In fact, the current situation of Qian Xiaohao in recent years is indeed as netizens have said. He has starred in “Mr. Yin and Yang: The Last Heavenly Master”, “Mr. Yimei”, “The Return of the Heavenly Master”, “Mr. Four Eyes”, “Maoshan”, etc. The series of zombie films, the end of selling feelings is the word-of-mouth box office both rushing to the street.

What do you think of Qian Xiaohao, who has been making zombie movies for 36 years? Will you pay for your feelings?


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