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[QC] Why choose a computer running Windows 10: A temporary trend or inevitable?

Numerous copyrighted Windows computers are accounting for 80% of the market for current devices. Besides the optimal cost benefit, the value of security, advanced experience is the main factor that helps Windows built-in computers have become inevitable criteria when choosing to buy computers.

More than 80% of computers from famous brands such as Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo own the latest Intel 8 th generation processor, available with Windows copyright software, Office 365. See more Full details of products at the same reference price here today to choose your favorite device.

Not only is this a temporary trend, this combination creates the perfect value for technology devices, helps optimize the working experience, enhances entertainment quality and prolongs the service life. The pre-installation of OEM copyrighted software on computers and users does not need to activate the license is very suitable for individual users and small start-ups. Because oddly, these people will stick with the device's lifecycle for a long time, in which the cost of investing in new equipment for long-term use is absolutely necessary.

More about Microsoft licensing, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is pre-installed software on new computers from the manufacturer or computer assembler. This way of packaging significantly reduces the use of pirated Windows, no copyright, users can easily own a complete device from the hardware configuration to the copyrighted Windows operating system at the most reasonable price. .

The use of copyright software helps improve the life of technology equipment, while creating a new standard of work and entertainment experience. Dell XPS artwork 15 9575 2-in-1

However, OEM will limit usability, users cannot transfer the license from this computer (no longer used) to another computer. In addition, OEM has another license form that is bought separately, applied if the user's new computer has not been pre-installed with copyright software.

Distributor Synnex FPT said: Up to now, Windows 10 built-in computers distributed by Synnex have reached nearly 80% of devices. It is not too difficult to find the computers that support the copyright software. Not far from the future, with support from Microsoft and computer manufacturers, this number will reach 100% of complete equipment from hardware to software at the most affordable price.

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At a price of about VND15 million, users can own a responsive product from the formality to performance like HP Pavilion 14.

The fashion laptop version of HP Pavilion 14 with 2 colors of champage and feminine red rose is currently the most serious "candidate" since it has been sold through the agents of Synnex FPT nationwide. In addition, with good-tonic-cheap criteria, there are also "golden faces" of sales such as HP 15-da1022TU, Dell Vostro 3480, Acer Aspire A515-53-3153, Asus S530UA.

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If you have not found a laptop that speaks to your own personality, ASUS VivoBook S530UA will be youthful and lively that will satisfy you with bold color design and a healthy heart.

For the high-end segment, the built-in copyright software becomes inevitable. Now you can go further with modern devices, all tasks will become simple and fast with the support of Windows 10 on the touch screen. In particular, in some high-end product lines, you can also own Office 365 to help optimize office tasks that need a variety of tasks and diverse applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher and Access. Highlights are Dell XPS 15 9575 2-in-1, Dell XPS 15 9570, Lenovo YOGA C930-13IKB, HP Envy x360-6CH38PA.

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In a price of 50 million, users can experience a swiveled laptop equipped with a 4K resolution touch screen with a configuration that belongs to a terrible format, such as: Intel core i7-8550U processor, SSD hard drive 512 GB and 16 GB RAM, Windows 10 Home EM, Office 365 Home

Security values ​​make a difference for users during use. With Windows 10, every update is always free and more and more complete in each new version, making sure to keep your data in the safest level. Windows 10 May 2019 Update has just launched with many changes to help this nearly 5-year-old operating system become more new.

It is not difficult to find a favorite computer that is already supported with the latest Windows 10 copyright software. Find your favorite device right here today.


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