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[QC] Watch 4k videos no longer laggy with Viettel's dual bandwidth package

Experience Viettel's 50Mpbs Internet bandwidth at the price of 220,000 VND / month really making the most fastidious users satisfied.

Viettel pioneered duplicating Internet bandwidth from 1/6, applied to 100% customers who are using Viettel Internet service
At the end of May – early June, Internet users simultaneously received good news when operators simultaneously doubled the bandwidth of Internet packages. In particular, the pioneer network in the race to improve speed without raising the main rate is Viettel.

Viettel is a pioneer network that doubles the Internet bandwidth to keep the price unchanged

Specifically, since June 1, all customers using Viettel Internet have been doubled the bandwidth while the price remains the same. Below is the actual experience of the speed and quality of the low cost network package (25Mpbs) Viettel is providing.

Internet access speed and quality improved significantly
Before Viettel announced the policy of doubling bandwidth – the price was unchanged, the 25Mpbs package had a price of 220,000 dong / month. This is a package of mid-range and low-price segment in the package for Viettel households that are providing to the market.

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Results on Speedtest with 25Mpbs network package after doubling the bandwidth

When measuring reality with Speedtest – a website that checks Internet traffic – it is clear that the 25Mpbs packet bandwidth has doubled. Download / upload speeds even exceeded expectations, hitting 51 Mbps and nearly 53 Mbps.

Below is an image of the results when testing a file with 1GB capacity. Previously, with 25Mbps package, users had to take about 10 minutes to complete the download. Currently with double bandwidth (50 Mbps), download speed has reached more than 5,754 MB / sec.

As can be seen, the number of 50Mbps used to be the user's dream bandwidth, now at hand with low cost, is really a "bargain" as many users commented.

Giving customers the experience of watching 4K video is probably the most remarkable point of Viettel Internet service after doubling the bandwidth. At the time before Viettel launched the promotion program, the 25Mpbs package could not afford the large capacity of high-resolution videos. However, now, users are completely comfortable enjoying smooth, smooth videos without worrying about stopping images, reducing quality while watching.

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Watching 4K videos, the 50 Mbps bandwidth is more than capable of uploading videos while in the past we had to watch while waiting for the load

After doubling the bandwidth, Viettel also launched a series of quite new Internet packages to replace the old package, this is really a big step of the network to improve the Internet usage experience of Vietnamese people.

Viettel provides new package system with extremely preferential cost for customers who need to install Internet
For new Internet subscribers or Internet combos – ViettelTV from 1/6/2019 will be entitled to a new package with a large bandwidth and preferential price as follows:

The inner area of ​​Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh City

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Suburban area Hanoi – Ho Chi Minh

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61 other provinces

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