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[QC] True Wireless Padmate Pamu Headset Premium Price Only 799,000 VND – Only 3 Days At Phukien.vn

A True Wireless headset with a unique design "Never Falling", has set a record of raising 9,84%, which is now available at Phukien.vn with a SHOCK price of 799,000 VND (in only 3 days). Also at Phukien.vn, a type of storage device up to 64 GB capacity for iPhone / iPad is preferential up to 70%, a super-light battery of 20,000 mAh PD costs only 349,000 VND and a series of toxic technology accessories other is having extremely good price, only from VND 39,000 => please see detailed information and order quickly, whole house J

True Wireless Headphones – NEVER DRAG – PAMU X13
: preferential price 799,000 VND
Padmate Pamu X13 not only impresses on fundraising results on Indiegogo, but also is a very unique pair of headphones with a "Never Falling" design with superior features compared to similar products on the market. . Equipped with Dynamic Audio Driver 10mm technology, Pamu X13 has a powerful and vibrant sound quality and a lot of bass. PaMu's bass drum range is really a lot, full, never gives a feeling of lack, and is very suitable for customers who are sports players (Pamu X13 can resist dust and water according to IPX5 standards) .

Pamu X13's operation duration is about 3 hours, and the charger box will provide 3 more full charge times, increasing the total usage time to approximately 12 hours. In particular, immediately after removing from the charging box, the headset automatically connects to the device using Auto Connect technology (similar to the features of AirPods). Pamu's built-in microphone for perfect call quality and users can "touch" or issue "Voice Prompt" voice commands to control the headset.

After the fundraising phase, the Pamu X13 headphones have a price of $ 109, which is considered very competitive compared to the prices of AirPods, Gear Icon X, Elite Sport, etc. So today, Phukien.vn continues to roll set up an SHOCK promotion program for tech enthusiasts to easily own this unique pair of headphones at a price only 799,000 VND . This program only lasts for 3 days, the product has two colors White & Black and 12 months genuine warranty. 3 Days – Only 790,000 VND => set right here

Merju handmade multi-purpose leather clip – price is only 39,000 VND
With the age of technology 4.0 as today, in addition to smartphones, technology believers also have to carry with them a series of charging wires and headphones. And one of the reasons why the charger cord and headphones are quickly damaged is because the users just wrap or fold them. So today Phukien.vn will introduce to you a very useful item that is clamped against the charging cord and headphones from Merju brand.

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Fully produced Handmade with high quality leather material, Merju KK01 has brought you the strength and individuality, while helping you minimize confusing situation or folding cable / headphones. With a preferential price of only 39,000 VND in the promotion, this is really the best chance for you to own Merju KK01 and get a gift of Promate Glitzi headset (worth 170k, limited number of gifts) ). Products are warranted for 06 months and each customer can only buy up to 02 products in this program => quickly put right here

Partron PTD-100 smart thermometer: preferential price 300,000 VND
Electronic thermometers are becoming an indispensable device in every family, especially for families with young children and babies. Not only do you often have to monitor your baby's temperature, but also the temperature of the milk-making water, the room's actual temperature is important. With precise temperature measurement without contact, Croise.a PTD-100 has outperformed comparable products in the market to reach the "Intelligent Thermometer" standard.

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5 Outstanding advantages of Croise.a Smart Thermometer PTD-100
• Easy and simple temperature measurement, ensuring hygiene safety with infrared sensor technology without contact.
• Measure any body and body temperature very simply by plugging the Croise.a thermometer into the headphone jack on the Smartphone.
• Help you quickly find the nearest hospital, clinic, pharmacy via Google Maps.
• You can use Croise.a thermometer to measure the temperature of milk for babies, alcohol temperature and many other measuring objects.
• Measuring and storing historical measurements: In body temperature measurement mode, the accompanying application will store user information, measuring history and body temperature through measurements will be reported in the form of chart.

With a discount of 55% at PHUKIEN.VN, the promotion price of PTD-100 is only available VND 300,000, genuine warranty for 12 months. Please order here.

MiLi iData Pro – Solution to expand capacity for iDevices: price only VND 490,000 – 64Gb
With MiLi iData Pro Flash Drive, you will completely solve the concern about the limited capacity of iDevices devices or difficult problems when connecting / copying data. With Lightning connection standard (already certified by Apple as MFi compatible), MiLi iData Pro provides image transfer tools, play music / video, view files directly or back up contacts (with basic functions : select, copy and paste) without using iTunes or a computer. You can also backup and restore contacts right on the device.

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More nicely, the MiLi iData Pro also supports connecting to an Android device (with OTG connection) to quickly retrieve data (images, files, videos …) from Android phones to iOS phones, too convenient Right.

Using the dedicated application of MiLi, you will easily manage the data on the device as well as on this flash drive OTG data, just go to the App store to find and download the application named iData, is that you can connect, control operations such as copying data back and forth between the device memory and the external memory of Flash Drive OTG Mili iData, the intuitive application is easy to use and manage by owner Different threads.

Hurry up and choose a MiLi iData Pro 64Gb (Gold / Silver color) for a price BEST MARKET just VND 490,000 with 12 months genuine warranty.

BASEUS MINI Q PD FAST CHARGE 20,000MAH for Smartphone / Tablet / Macbook (15w, Power Delivery, Usb + Type C Pd In / Out)
The sleek, compact design is the first outstanding feature when you hold the Basseus Mini Q Power Bank rechargeable battery, even though this product is up to 20,000 mAh. Using the most advanced 3rd-generation Li-Polymer battery technology that allows Baseus Mini Q PD battery to reach a capacity of up to 20,000mAh while the size is only equivalent to other 10,000mAh batteries on the market. The performance is completely superior.

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With PD Fast Charge technology, Baseus Mini Q backup battery allows charging up to 50% for iPhone X within 30 minutes, and this fast charging technology is also fully compatible with iPhone 8/8 Plus / iPhone X / iPhone series. XS / XS Max. Even Baseus Mini Q can charge the Macbook at a maximum capacity of 15W (although it is slower than normal electric drive charging but is useful in urgent situations where you forget to bring the charger of your Macbook) .

Another extremely handy feature is that you can fully charge (IN) for Baseus Mini Q with all 3 types of cables: microUSB or Lightning or Type-C => you can use the cup and phone charger cable to Charge for extra batteries without having to carry another cable. At the same time, you can charge the backup battery and use the power from the backup battery to charge your phone / tablet (charging IN & OUT at the same time).

Not only focusing on charging feature, but Baseus also focuses on safety factor by integrating intelligent source processing circuit, for stable voltage use and over-temperature, overload protection and Smart circuit breaker to ensure maximum safety for devices and users. It can be said that with the price of only VND 349,000 in Phukien.vn promotion (06 months warranty), Baseus Mini Q 20,000 mAh PD will not have any worthy competitors in the same segment. What are you waiting for without ordering now here.

Magnetic Charging Cable Baseus Magnetic Lightning High Speed ​​For iPhone / iPad:
fast and handy
There is a fact that using current types of charging cables on smartphones and tablets is the fact that the contacts after a long time of use will be susceptible to pilling or breaking the exposed brackets, causing a non-contact phenomenon. good / error message for port / causing the device to be hotter or more serious is also likely to cause fire and damage the device circuit board. Because the cable disconnection when charging or syncing data occurs daily, after a period of use almost any device has this problem. If you've ever used Apple Macbook, it will certainly be very impressive and interesting every time you attach a cable to charge the battery because Apple uses Magsafe port, equipped with magnets with strong attraction to create a sense of convenience and safe when connecting. Understanding these issues, Baseus for the first time launched the Lightning Magnetic Cable based on the principle of the MagSafe charging port on the Macbook, giving users a high level of experience and utility when using.

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Produced on a high-tech, fully automatic production line to ensure safety for devices and users, Baseus LV194's inner core wires are covered by ultra-durable carbon fiber, free from stretching, breaking or turning. form after long time of use. At the same time, the outer shell is covered with durable carbon fiber and restricts the tangle of strings.

Magentic Lightning magnetic charging cable (magnet) Magentic Lightning for iPhone / iPad is 1.2 meters in length, supporting charging currents up to 2.4A (depending on charging) and is compatible with iPhone / iPad / iPod devices using the port Lightning communication, ensure no incompatibility errors or non-genuine accessories like other low-cost cables. The charging head and communication pins are made of high-grade stainless steel magnesium magnesium alloy and equipped with magnets with strong suction power to make the cable fast and easy to use. When connected to the device, the LED at the top of the cable will light up to notify the charging status.

Product with preferential price is only 119,000 VND in the program, 03 months warranty and limited sale quantity only 100 strands => first come – first serve, put it right at home J

MiLi Wireless Charger HB-G40-1 – price SHOCK 149,000 VND
Equipped with WPC-compliant smart chipset that combines many advanced features to enhance overall performance and efficiency, MiLi Magic Plus wireless charger (HB-G40-1) can provide power for portable devices. Your action is 40% faster than a conventional wireless charger, with a maximum capacity of 7.5W ~ 5V 1.5A. This is a stylish, compact wireless charger with a high-grade soft plastic coating that helps keep your device fast and easy to charge.

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With a maximum design capacity of 7.5W, MiLi HB-G40-1 can charge fast for iPhone X / iPhone 8 Plus / iPhone 8 and compatible devices that support other wireless charging Qi standards: Samsung S9 Plus / Samsung S9, Galaxy Note 8, S8, S8 Plus, Note 5, S7, S7 Edge, LG G7, LG G6 etc (Can be charged when using thick leather case / case not exceeding 3mm). Click buy now.

Tesla Essential Oil Diffuser Machine Fan Tower TL012 – multitasking and convenience
Essential oil diffuser helps you relax by mixing essential oil into water then diffusing this mixture into very fine particles of only a few nanometers in size, then diffusing the aroma and nutrients in the essential oil into room or car space. Because essential oils have been diffused, the aroma becomes mild and can spread quickly.

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TESLA oil diffuser, fan shape TL012 tower has modern and luxurious design, bringing sophistication to users. The oil diffusion mode of the product is quite smart with the self-disconnection feature when the essential oil runs out. And you can also use the product as a portable mini fan when customizing the essential oil play button (ON / OFF). This is an essential accessory for you and your family on travel trips. Because when you go to the attractions, you will use the mini fan feature for cooling. And when returning to the hotel room, the Tesla TL012 becomes an oil diffuser, which helps to cool down the family room space as well as bring refreshment. The preferential price is only VND 189,000 which is the best opportunity for you to own this Tesla TL012 essential oil diffuser. Products with a 12 month warranty, please click here to buy.

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