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[QC] TOTO introduces a new smart shower set and sanitary equipment

With the message "Endless inspiration", the brand of TOTO sanitary ware has raised the level of bathroom space when launching a series of smart, classy and sophisticated sanitary equipment. Especially the Neorest toilet table collection and the new shower set attract the attention of many consumers.

As a leading Japanese brand in the application of advanced technology in sanitary equipment, TOTO always researches and develops superior products to create a new wind on how to use sanitary equipment to raise the level. life quality.

TOTO sanitary equipment is proud to be the leading brand in introducing smart sanitary equipment products

Demonstrating the spirit of "Exploiting the bathroom space", the TOTO product experience area at Vietbuild 2019 recently made a strong impression on many customers. Not only does Neorest sanitary equipment, the brand also displays many sophisticated class products to meet consumer needs.

Neorest toilet table collection – Enjoy the relaxation and peace of mind every day

At Vietbuild, TOTO event introduced Neorest hygienic products – smart sanitary equipment to enhance relaxation experience and ensure health and hygiene for every family. With a minimalist design, each curve shows the sophistication in each space accordingly.

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TOTO Neorest with exquisite 360-degree design, suitable for each space

Moreover, based on the experience of 100 years of service for the comfort of customers, the Neorest series is a special modern sanitary equipment that is designed with the standard of appropriate tilt, creating the most comfortable feeling. when using.

In addition, TOTO Neorest product line integrates a series of unique features, suitable for extremely demanding requirements. For example, the Air-in wonder wave feature is an electronic washlet technology that thoroughly cleanses but is extremely economical in water usage.

Compared to conventional washing water faucet, Air-in wonder wave creates warm water mixed with small air bubbles to create a warm feeling like massage, smooth and protect user skin. For sensitive skin like babies or women, this is the right choice to meet hygienic criteria, not irritating.

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With a spacious seat and tilting back, maximum comfort is what TOTO brings

Besides, Ewater + waste water electrolyte removal and waste is one of the unique utilities that make Neorest a safe and healthy sanitary device. Created by electrolizing chloride ions in tap water, Ewater + is a highly effective disinfectant that is non-toxic due to its non-chemical and detergent ingredients.

Combined with sensor technology, Ewater + water will spray a layer as soon as you have approached the tank, to wet the surface, easy to wash away the waste. And as soon as it leaves, Ewater + will automatically be properly flushed through every corner, ensuring hygiene every 8 hours since the last use to inhibit bacterial growth. Therefore, Ewater + helps users feel secure with the air in the toilet because the lid is always closed and cleaned periodically. This advanced technology contributes to ensuring the spatial hygiene of the capital area which possesses many fungi, mold or bacteria.

The Neorest product line also has an automatic opening / closing mode, the device will self-discharge, deodorize and dry when the owner steps out of the room. Now, the bathroom is a place where we can safely enjoy the clean feeling and optimal utility – when a few centuries ago, people often thought of in awe of the level of cleanliness and comfort.

New GB19 shower hose set – Bringing the standard to the bathroom experience

With the desire to bring a new breeze to the bathroom experience, the new GB19 shower set of TOTO sanitary ware represents a class style in design. New shower set with 5 separate lines like GC, GE, GM, GB, GF. Each faucet line is the sophistication and endless inspiration, harmony between nature, history and modern features.

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Set of new GB19 shower hose products with extremely delicate and unique design

For more details on Neorest sanitary kit and new GB19 faucet kit, please visit Website TOTO or Fanpage TOTO Vietnam.

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