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[QC] The opportunity to renew facilities with a series of extremely “great” promotions is only a few days at Nguyen Kim

Knowing how to take advantage of the year-end promotion at Nguyen Kim, customers not only have many opportunities to upgrade their home appliances but also receive lucky money for the new year, from discount offers to experience programs to use the product the best way.

At the end of the year is the time when the house of slaves “ex-welcome the new nghinh”, decorated the house to welcome a prosperous new year. The need to buy new electronic devices is also a matter of concern to consumers.

This is also the time to “re-appointment”, Nguyen Kim electrical system continues to carry out extremely “bold” promotions. In the spring of Canh Ty 2020, Nguyen Kim launched 3 special categories that attract extremely strong purchasing power of consumers.

A range of high-end products with discounts up to 50%

High-end items in all items at Nguyen Kim electronics system are applied a 50% discount policy. Customers can take advantage of this golden time to “launch” high-end products to make the living space more luxurious, modern and classy.

The entire living space of your home may require the maximum support of electronic devices. Possible preliminary review includes:

Living room: including entertainment technology for the whole family such as television, air-conditioner, karaoke speakers, … to help the New Year more cohesion.

TV 55inches wide and full, buy immediately to celebrate Tet

The kitchen is impossible not to mention the electronic devices that bring delicious meals such as refrigerators, electric cookers …

Inverter refrigerators save electricity and have a large capacity to help families preserve food better

Currently, kitchen products help “warm up the friendship”, so that the family can gather and enjoy Tet at a special price. The TOSHIBA RC-10NMFVN (WT) electronic rice cooker can be listed for only 1,990,000 VND; ELECTROLUX EMM2308X microwave oven costs only 1,990,000 VND …

“The promotion of Nguyen Kim in early 2020 applied to each luxury item is only valid for the next few days. Incredible discounts on all goods items. Please do not forget to take advantage of this special special offer to upgrade equipment and facilities during Tet holiday ”, said Nguyen Kim electrical system representative.

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A range of high-end products in all categories of up to 50% discount products are interested customers

In fact, with many customers who love the use of high-end electronics products, instead of having to invest a large sum of money to pay for the original price of the product when purchased during the year, they just need to spend the promotional price. only half as long to choose the right item to come home right before the New Year.

Receive lucky money from cash to experience “Outstanding customers”

Not only discount incentives for high-end products, customers who buy electronic products at Nguyen Kim from December 23, 2019 – January 24, 2019 will receive impressive lucky money incentives.

Bonus 20% extra when buying the second product: Any customer who buys the first product at Nguyen Kim will receive a 20% lucky money when buying the second product according to the list here.

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Customers who buy electronics or household appliances on the occasion of the New Year will receive the best direct or lucky money

5 million lucky money for Mastercard: Customers paying with Mastercard will receive a discount of up to 5 million when buying products on the promotion list.

“Outstanding customer” policy: Not only receiving lucky money as discount programs, customers can also participate in the program “Upgrade facilities – Celebrate spring” with the policy of “Outstanding customers only at Nguyen Kim:

  • Bonus 1 year warranty
  • 1 week free trial
  • Error 1 for 1 in 1 year

Rules and details for attending the program, see here.

It is easy to see, with the incentives in the purchasing policy at Nguyen Kim, especially in the last days of the promotion campaign, customers can freely choose the right electronic product for the house. I, preparing for the Lunar New Year holiday, comfortable and well-being.

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