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[QC] Summary of the most attractive hot sale accessories in June at Hoang Ha Mobile

Quick charger only from 99K, speaker, JBL headset reduced to 41%, Pisen cable charger, Energizer only from 39K, GoPro Hero 7 deeply reduced, …

Shocking Sale tornado series of extremely hot accessories this summer. Are you ready to go on summer party?

first. Innostyle Quick Charge MiniGo 2 50% sale
Quick charging MiniGo 2 from US Innostyle brand is only 99K (original price 199K). Exclusive promotional products at Hoang Ha Mobile from now until the end of June 19, 2019. This is the charger has 2 UASB-A ports, integrated intelligent AI technology and capacity up to 12W. So, you can charge fast with this charger, compatible with all iPhone devices, Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, some other products of Innostyle are also genuine distributed at Hoang Ha Mobile at a quite attractive price: quick charging 18W bulbs, all kinds of cables, …

2. Speaker, JBL headset reduced to 44%
This summer, are you ready for music parties with quality sound from Harman Kardon / JBL? Genuine JBL bluetooth speakers at Hoang Ha Mobile are priced only from 490,000, genuine JBL headsets cost from 390,000. Interested customers can see more here.

3. Sony accessories reduced by 31%
Sony's mobile audio segment is also growing with "top" quality. Some products such as Sony Hi-res WI-C400, WH-CH500, Sony SRS-XB01, SRS-XB12 wireless speakers, etc. also have very deep discounts at Hoang Ha Mobile. If you're a Sony fan, buy these products right away!

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4. Backup battery, cable, charger Energizer and Pisen tubers reduce to 42%
Energizer – a high-end technology brand from the US with quality products being distributed with genuine products at Hoang Ha Mobile at very good prices. Battery backup of 10,000 mAh costs only from 320,000, integrated type of wireless charger costs only from 590,000, types of cables, genuine charger bulbs only from 90,000.

See the full sale price of Energizer accessories here.

Another interesting information. 3 models of Pisen are Lightning Power Teen cable, Type C cable, Micro-USB cable will be sold for only VND 39,000 at Hoang Ha Mobile. The original price of these products is from VND 100,000 to VND 190,000. This super special Pisen cable program will only be applied to 3 new branches in the central region of Hoang Ha Mobile, including:

  • No. 10 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Vinh City
  • No. 161 Tran Phu, Ha Tinh city
  • No. 23 Ly Thuong Kiet, Dong Hoi city

5. GoPro Hero 7 and Gopro 3 – Way Grip
GoPro Hero 7 Action Camera – Black – the dream of every photographer, down from 10,490,000 to only 7,990,000 VND in Hoang Ha Mobile. In addition, Gopro 3 – Way Grip versatile sticks also decreased from 1,590,000 to 1,390,000.

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Add some deep-falling products at Hoang Ha Mobile.


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