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[QC] Sharp air conditioner – a valuable investment in the summer for your family

Buying an air conditioner for the family is considered a big and long-term investment. Not only does it save the initial investment cost, Sharp air conditioners also give your family valuable values ‚Äč‚Äčthroughout the process of use.

Maximum electricity savings

Choosing cooling capacity suitable for demand and reasonable price are factors that help save initial investment costs. However, cost savings during use will bring about optimal investment efficiency. Sharp air conditioner with Inverter technology is capable of changing the power capacity to best suit the set temperature, thereby greatly reducing power consumption, increasing cooling performance and at the same time bringing the Comfortable and smooth with high durability. In addition, the air conditioner operating modes also contribute to saving energy. Typically, the Eco mode of Sharp air conditioner adjusts the cooling temperature in 2 steps to maximize power consumption. This smart saving adjustment mode also helps to prevent the room from becoming too cold. You will not be surprised if the air-conditioner electricity is minimized, saving up to 65% with this machine.

Inverter technology combined with Eco mode saves up to 65% of electricity per month

Air conditioner cum air purifier

In addition to the ability to save electricity, Sharp's exclusive Plasmacluster Ion Technology contributes to the value of use for air-conditioners with outstanding air cleaning capabilities. This technology uses the principle of negative ions and positive ions similar to naturally occurring ions to remove airborne bacteria and recreate the molecular water component in the air. The room will always be clean with balanced moisture, especially ideal for both hot and humid weather. So your family can enjoy clean, clean air or bacteria, good for your health without having to spend another investment in a separate air purifier.

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The proprietary Plasmacluster ion technology adheres to mold and bacteria surfaces, regenerating water molecules in the air.

Leading future technology trends

Currently, Sharp has applied advanced AIoT technology that combines AI (Artificial Intelligence) and IoT into air-conditioner products, providing remote control of all activities. of air-conditioners, room condition, power consumption level, thereby making suitable suggestions via smartphone very convenient. With this futuristic technology, the air conditioner at home automatically turns on to welcome you to have a cool room after returning from the hot sunshine outside is completely at hand.

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From the smartphone screen, you can check the operation of the air conditioner, room condition and power consumption.

Investment efficiency when buying air conditioners includes cost savings, increased use value and leading the trend. Buying a Sharp air conditioner will be an extremely rewarding investment for your whole family, especially this summer.

Learn more about Sharp's smart air conditioner here: https://vn.sharp/products/may-lanh

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