[QC] SEN leather case for Sony WF-1000X M3

[QC] SEN leather case for Sony WF-1000X M3

Sony WF-100X M3 is a great noise-canceling headset, good sound. However with material ear box
hearing made of velvet plastic will make the surface very easy to get dirty, difficult to clean and easy to scratch. So the leather case for the WF-1000X M3 is something you should not overlook.

  • Product price: 500,000đ
  • Product link: https://khacten.com/san-pham/bao-da-sen-cho-tai-nghe-sony-wf1000x-m3/


The design of the holster fits close to the rounded corners, the rough cowhide inside will protect the surface of the headphone box. From the outside, the holster does not make the size of the headset bigger


Sewing from a piece of seamless leather from the back of the ring to the front with 2 small pieces of leather on the side for comprehensive protection of the headphone box. In addition, the holster is punched right in the USB-C port for you to conveniently charge without taking out the holster.


The magnet button is designed to be concave, the two magnet faces connected flatly, not much off.


The attached wristband helps you conveniently hook into your wrist or hook into something that is safer, easier to use.


SEN leather case
Designed by Engraved name
Made in Vietnam
For more information please see www.khacten.com

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